Rex Murphy Death Reddit: A National Post journalist died at 77.

Latest News Rex Murphy Death Reddit

Rex Murphy was a critic and author of political and social matters. Rex was the consistent host of Cross Country Checkup on CBC Radio One. It is a nationwide call-in broadcast show. He wrote for the news media and also appeared on TV and radio in Canada, the United States, Australia, and Mexico during a decades-long media career. Continue reading the post to know more about Murphy and his death.

Rex Murphy Death Reddit

Rex Murphy is an expert and journalist. He presented a national call-in radio show for periods. He has died on 9th May 2024. He worked as a writer.

Rex was born outside of St. John’s, Newfoundland. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Memorial University. Before that, he was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University. He hosted CBC Radio’s Cross Country Checkup more than twice before 2015.

Later, he became a lurid critic of the federal Liberal Party and Justin Trudeau’s government.

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Rex Murphy Illness

Rex Murphy Illness

In his obituary post on social media, Rex Murphy mentioned that he died at the age of 77 because of a battle with cancer.

Stephen Harper, the former prime minister, grieved for Rex Murphy’s death and mentioned he was the most intelligent person. Rex was the most free-thinking columnist in this country. Also, he mentioned that Laureen and I extended our deepest concerns to Rex Murphy wife and his loved ones.

Rex was also an honest opponent of workers, and his broad-minded ideology was sensitive to universal inequities. His conservative speeches were being pushed to their limits.

Was Rex Murphy married?

Rex Murphy was one of the outstanding journalists. He was an amazing broadcaster and critic in his country. He was married, but the couple got separated due to some personal issues. Josh Morgan, London Mayor, has announced the separation between Rex and his wife Melanie.

Rex Murphy’s Wiki details

Rex Murphy, the provocative, was born in Newfoundland. He was a wordsmith and pundit. His writing and often-sweltering comments were the focus of a decade. His long career in Canadian news media. He died recently, at the age of 77, due to cancer.

Name Rex Murphy
Date of birth March, 1947
Place Carbonear, Newfoundland
Died on 9 May 2024 
Age 77
Nationality Canadian
Studied at Bachelor’s degree at Memorial University of Newfoundland in 1968
Occupation Author, journalist

Rex Murphy and CBC

Rex Murphy and CBC

Rex Murphy started his career at a private radio station, VOCM, located in St. John’s. He hosted a talk show backfilling, whereas its host went on break.

Rex Murphy was the steady host of CBC Radio. He was a nationwide call-in show for One’s Cross Country Checkup for 21 years. He hosted the show before stepping down in 2015. Murphy spent many years employed at CBC. His work includes both television and radio. He recently writes for RexTV, a YouTube channel, and the National Post.

Rex Murphy’s Honours and Net worth

In June 2008, the University of Waterloo was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree. Also, he was awarded honorary doctorates of letters by Nipissing University and Memorial, St. Thomas. In June 2013, he was honored with a fellowship from the Canadian Institute of Management. Rex Murphy’s Net worth not revealed.


Rex Murphy, a broadcaster and journalist, died at the age of 77. He had written columns for The Globe and Mail and the National Post at the time of his death. Click the link to get detailed information about Rex Murphy Death Reddit post and more.

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