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This guide provided you with more clarification about the Santorini Travel Scam Facebook. And also the proof from the posted page.

Would you like to know about the travel scam of Santorini? Are you familiar with this scam? If not, read the article fully. It guides you through the fraud happening on Facebook. 

Would you like to visit lots of different places? Have you looked for offers of traveling to visit those places? People who reside in the United StatesCanadaAustralia, and the United Kingdom suffer from this travel scam. 

The Santorini Travel Scam Facebook caused the worst impression of this travel scam. Continue reading the guide to know more about the scam.

How is it a Scam?

  • The Santorini Travel has signs of a rip-off fraud. These Scams are the scams in which the performers use some tricks to get celebrity and reputation.
  • These types of scams services you expressively like an observation on them.
  • The Santorini Travels post on Facebook is a fake and a scam because it offers very attractive gifts.
  • In the Facebook post, contact number, address, or property pieces of information are not mentioned in Santorini Travel Scam.
  • It shows that the Facebook post is bogus and the pages.

The information provided above is the basis of the scam. Keep reading the below section to know more about Santorini travel fraud and why it is trending on social media.

About the Scam

The scam started in the year 2020. Someone or a group posted the Facebook “Santorini Travel” page as an offering to take a free trip to Greece. The post appealed that comments and sharing of the post will give the golden opportunity to travel. The post of Santorini Travel Facebook Scam offers free expenses of accommodation in hotels and others. The grand opening ceremony of a new hotel is located in Greece.

So after reading the post on Facebook, all were excited and started sharing the post with their friends and family.  “Santorini Travel” Post has become widespread because of people’s excitement to travel to different new places to discover new things. But the doubtful things on the posted page have verified that the post is incorrect. Keep reading to know why it is trending. 

Why is Santorini Travel Scam Facebook trending now?

According to our research, the photos on the posted page have been duplicated from other pages. The formation of the Santorini Travel Scam posted page date is also improper. The posts show that the date of the page is old, and the original date is different. The doubtful post on the page makes legality suspicious and shows that the posted site is a fraud. 


Nowadays, many scams are happening every day. This Santorini Travel is also one of the scams. As the points mentioned above clearly show that Santorini Travel is not legit. It isn’t very likely, so before confirming your decision, check the whole thing.

Have you faced these kinds of Santorini Travel Scam Facebook? Leave your comments below.

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