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This article provides details about the Seattle West Bridge Closure and further information on the Seattle Bridge reopening.  

Have you heard about the reopening of the West Seattle Bridge? Do you know when the Bridge was closed? If not, this article is where you can get the entire details. The West Seattle Bridge opened after 2.5 years. The news about the reopening of the Bridge has gone viral in the United States.

Today in this blog, we will cover full details about the Seattle West Bridge Closure and further details on the reopening of the Bridge. Follow the blog below.

Details on West Seattle Bridge Reopening:

The West Seattle Bridge has opened after 2.5 years and has been opened for traffic. As per reports, after noticing cracks on the Bridge in 2020, the officials decided to close the Bridge for repairs. But after the long wait of 2.5 years, the Bridge again opened after completing repair works.

According to sources, after a long wait of 2.5 years, the Bridge opened to the public on Saturday night. After a long Seattle West Bridge Closure, the Bridge was said to be opened on Sunday. But the SODT decided to open the Bridge on Saturday night. The Bridge was opened around 9:15 p.m. We have shared further details on the Bridge reopening below.

Further details on West Seattle Bridge closure:

After the recent reopening of the West Seattle Bridge on Saturday night, many photos and videos of the Bridge reopening were shared by the public on social media platforms. As per reports, on Saturday night, around 9:15 p.m. The SODT has reopened the West Seattle Bridge after the long 2.5 years of Seattle West Bridge Closure.

As per sources, the Bridge was closed due to some cracks found on the Bridge. People were found honking and cheering with excitement as they rode down the West Seattle Bridge. After the reopening many officials and dignitaries visited the Bridge to express their appreciation. Further, it is said that many King County Metro bus is expected to move through this route from now on.

To talk about the repairs of the Bridge, The Bridge includes 60 miles long steel cables to support the Bridge. Moreover, the crews did perform many inspections and safety tests before the reopening of the Bridge.

Seattle West Bridge Closure:

The Seattle West Bridge was closed on March 2020 due to some cracks on the Bridge. But after going through many repairs and inspections, the Bridge has been again opened for the public after 2.5 years on Saturday at 9:15 p.m. People share many images and videos of the Bridge reopening on social platforms.

Summing up:

The Seattle West Bridge open again after 2.5 years, and people are quite cheerful after its reopening. This article provides complete information. To get further details on the Seattle Bridge reopening, press this link.

This article provides details about the Seattle West Bridge reopening and further details on the Seattle West Bridge Closure.

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