Soul Wars Codes {May} List For Roblox & Redeem Process!

Gaming Tips Soul Wars Codes

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Are you one of those who like fighting games in Roblox and often tries to play this game? Then it would be best if you tried once in soul war, where you can create your character who can become the most powerful fighter in the game’s world in the future. 

The fighting games online have become very popular in the United States, just like word guessing games, music guessing games, etc., with different codes. You can redeem Soul Wars Codes for money or wipe out your created character.

Valid Codes Of Soul War

  • code ANOTHERWIPE: The reward for redeeming this code is a free wipe
  • code EVENRICHER: The reward for redeeming this code is 5,000 Yen
  • code FREEMONEY: The reward for redeeming this code is 1000 Yen
  • code FREEWIPE: The reward for redeeming this code is a free wipe
  • code NEW POWER: The reward for redeeming this code is to reroll your Shikai / Res
  • code THANKYOU: The reward for redeeming this code is 5,000 Yen
  • code XP BOOST: The reward for redeeming this code is XP Boost

How To Redeem Soul War Roblox Codes?

You have to follow a few steps to redeem the codes

  • First, you have to start a soul war from your mobile or pc.
  • After that, you have to press “/” this key to open up the chat section.
  • Then, you have to copy from all the given codes in the list.
  • Lastly, paste the copied codes in the chat and click Enter to redeem one.

These are the steps you have to follow when you want to give it a try to this game and want to redeem the codes to progress in the Soul War Roblox game.

Shortcut Keys: How To Play?

  • Ctrl B– Accessory inventory / Toggle music skill
  • Ctrl M– Menu
  • Ctrl N – Meditate
  • Ctrl Q– Flashtep / Dash
  • Ctrl Double-tap W– Sprint
  • Ctrl F + LMB– Parry
  • Ctrl RMB– Heavy Attack
  • Ctrl LMB– Light Attack
  • Ctrl V– Primary Transformation
  • Ctrl B– Secondary Transformation

If you want to get a more specific idea of this game, you can watch how to play this game on Youtube, where you can get a detailed idea about how this game is to be played and how the computer keys work in this game.

From Where We Can Find More Soul Wars Codes

Those interested in this game are requested to join the official Discord Server to get more codes for this game. By joining this server, you can get the news and updates on the game and chat with other players.

Apart from that, we update the codes on the wiki, so if you frequently keep your eye on it, you also get the updates. Besides this, if you follow social media sites such as Reddit, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, you will get the new codes. Moreover, click here to know Are All Robux Generators Safe!


This article deals with Soul Wars Codeshow to play this game and from where we can get more codes to play. Playing online games is gaining popularity day by day as these games work as the best time-pass. Playing games also enhances the creativity of the players.

Do you know any other code which is missing from the given list? Please comment. To know more about this game, click here.

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