15 minutes of James: Walter Iooss on shooting Sports Illustrated’s 2012 “Sportsman of the Year” cover in just a quarter of an hour

. Walter Iooss had just 15 minutes to shoot the cover story of the new issue of Sports Illustrated, the highly anticipated “Sportsman of the Year” feature. And in that brief span of time, he had to not only get a cover shot and inside images of NBA superstar LeBron James of the Miami Heat—he […]

Video: Walter Iooss on capturing one of Sports Illustrated’s “100 Greatest Sports Photos”

. As part of its “100 Greatest Greatest Sports Photos” package, Sports Illustrated interviewed Walter Iooss about capturing his iconic 1988 shot of Michael Jordan dunking the ball from the foul line (above). As Walter explains it, the exhilarating photo was a sort of collaboration between him and the basketball great. Click here or on […]