Matthew Rolston makes his fine-art debut in Europe with “Talking Heads,” opening Friday, April 22, at Berlin’s esteemed Camera Work Contemporary Gallery

Having garnered considerable critical praise in the United States, Matthew Rolston’s fine-art series “Talking Heads: The Vent Haven Portraits” is set to debut this week at the Camera Work Contemporary Gallery in Berlin’s Mitte gallery district. The show, which opens Friday, marks Rolston’s first-ever European exhibition and adds him to the pantheon of fellow Camera […]

Opening-night photos: Nadav Kander exhibitions in Berlin

Last week, Bill and Maureen went to Berlin for the opening of two exhibitions of Nadav’s work, at the Camera Work gallery and at Museum the Kennedys (the latter displayed “Obama’s People” with Richard Avedon’s “The Family”). . “For many years, Kander’s photographs have been an integral part of distinguished collections such as those of […]