From the archives: Chris Pine in 2013, as photographed by Nino Muñoz

Chris Pine on Nino Muñoz’s “Avedonian vibe”

Nino Muñoz photographed Star Trek Into Darkness star Chris Pine for the June/July issue of Out, and Nino’s classic approach seems to have made an impression on the actor. “I really liked [Nino]. I liked the Avedonian vibe,” Pine tells Out. “I’m really way into the super-contrasty black and white, how then it becomes purely […]

More “Star Trek Into Darkness” publicity images by Art Streiber

As we mentioned in December, Art Streiber shot key art for the highly anticipated Star Trek Into Darkness, which comes out this summer. As he explains below, he produced something like 11,000 frames in one day. “My crew and I were fortunate to spend a day on a sound stage on the Sony lot last […]