Brinson+Banks photograph, and bond with, Conan O’Brien

  “We’ve had met and photographed some amazing celebrities lately,” says David Walter Banks of Brinson+Banks, “but our shoot with Conan O’Brien was our favorite in a long while, which is saying a lot because there’s some steep competition.” “It doesn’t hurt that two of the three of us are redheads,” adds Kendrick Brinson, “which […]

Art Streiber shoots Conan’s New York campaign

Conan O’Brien has returned to New York to tape a week’s worth of Conan episodes in the city where he got his late-night start, and TBS is heralding the event with a witty campaign shot by Art Streiber. “The ad campaign was focused on accomplishing two things,” Art explains. “Create a series of ads for […]

Communication Arts releases its 2011 Photography Annual

The competition was intense for Communication Arts‘ 2011 Photography Annual, with more than 5,000 entries vying for the approbation of the five-member jury. Among the 166 winners were two of our photographers: Nadav Kander and Art Streiber, whose winning images are posted below. (Full gallery here.) We congratulate them and all of the photogs included […]

Star power: 11 great celebrity portraits

. Bill, Maureen, and the rest of the team at Stockland Martel hosted our annual Hollywood East Cocktail Party a couple of weeks ago, as a way to personally thank our clients in the entertainment industry here on the East Coast. The event, which was attended by photo editors, art buyers, and creatives, was held […]

Spotlight: Matthias Clamer

Matthias Clamer likes quirkiness and humor, but he also likes stealth. “For me, humor in pictures works when you use it in small doses—hints, not obvious jokes,” he explains. “Just one element, not multiples. And subtle enough that some people don’t even see it. It needs to be discovered and ambiguous.” In his personal work, […]

New work: Matthias Clamer shoots Conan O’Brien having a lightbulb moment

Fast Company‘s list of “The 100 Most Creative People in Business 2011” includes none other than lanky late-night host Conan O’Brien. Chuck Salter is the writer who takes readers through the making of an episode of Conan. (At one point, O’Brien explains to Salter: “The thing I keep telling everyone is ‘The only way we […]

Gallery: People’s Choice Awards winners

The Coen Brothers’ True Grit may be generating serious Oscar buzz, but if you ask moviegoers, it’s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse that reigns supreme. At last night’s People’s Choice Awards, the vampire flick won the Favorite Movie statue, and its star Kristen Stewart was named Favorite Movie Actress. The fans have spoken. And apparently they’re […]

Video: Art Streiber and Conan O’Brien (and the owl!)

Go behind the scenes with Art and Conan as they shoot print ads for Conan’s new talk show. Watch as the leggy host poses with an oversize comb, the better to emphasize his sizable pouf of hair. Marvel at his willingness to stand tall as multiple oscillating fans are trained at him full blast. Giggle […]

Art Streiber on “Hung,” “Hawaii Five-0,” and Conan’s owl portrait

A bunch of new entertainment campaigns shot by Art have recently made their debut on bus shelters, in magazines, and everywhere that the studios tout major TV shows and movies (which is pretty much everywhere). Among them are the posters for the HBO series Hung, which stars Thomas Jane as a high school coach who […]