Industry news: the so-called creative exodus, Twitter’s makeover, CP+B adds 3 new creatives, critiquing agency sites, and more

. The so-called creative exodus: Is there a trend in top-tier creatives making the leap into their own agencies or other industries altogether? Ad Age suggests there is in the article “Creative Exodus in Adland: It’s Just Not ‘Fun’ Anymore.” “Since the beginning of the year, a veritable Cannes jury worth of senior creative talent […]

Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s John Kieselhorst on Nadav Kander and the making of their cheeky Monte Carlo campaign

When PDN selected this image shot by Nadav Kander… . . for its Photo Annual 2010, I thought it’d be interesting to get the story behind (no pun intended!) the campaign. So I sent John Kieselhorst—he’s now associate creative director at Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Boulder but worked on these ads when he was […]

Is Flash bad for you?

I’ve been reading a lot about new and better approaches to Web design at various sites, specifically as it relates to photographers. Photoshelter, for example, has posted some excellent advice about topics like SEO and the importance of giving each of your site’s pages an individual title. Flash, and why it might actually be doing […]