Doug Menuez on shooting a new image library for FedEx at the company’s massive Memphis hub

For his latest commission from FedEx, Doug Menuez documented operations at the company’s world hub, its biggest distribution center, located next to Memphis International Airport. “It’s a massive facility where 7,000 employees process an average of 180,000 packages an hour and between 1.3 million and 1.5 million total packages a night,” he explains. “After 9:30 […]

Doug Menuez travels to Chicago and Minneapolis to document FedEx office culture and the local lifestyle for new image library

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Doug Menuez on photographing the hustle and bustle of FedEx’s massive Memphis cargo airport

FedEx recently commissioned Doug Menuez to capture the boundless energy and productivity of its Memphis hub for a corporate image library. “It’s like a nation state—it takes about 20 minutes just to drive from one end to the other of the 500-acre-plus hub,” he says. “Inside, they have 15 million square feet of facilities where […]

Doug Menuez for FedEx

Doug Menuez recently shot an assignment for FedEx, a project that brought him to Chile, California, and France, producing thousands of images. These are some of the many highlights… . . See more of Doug’s recent projects in Out of the Ordinary, viewable for free at . .