Doug Menuez on shooting a major ad assignment for Nikon, using a new-model camera for the first time, in a city without power and water (thank you, Hurricane Sandy)

This past October, Doug Menuez was scheduled to shoot a worldwide marketing and ad campaign for a new model of Nikon camera, and to be followed during the shoot by a film crew for a mini-documentary on him and said camera. The location for this assignment was terrific—he’d be shooting all over downtown Manhattan and […]

New photos by Tobias Hutzler: New York City in darkness

In late October, Hurricane Sandy rendered Lower Manhattan silent, dark, and eerily still. The sudden transformation inspired Tobias Hutzler, who lives in one of Downtown’s most bustling neighborhoods, to seek out vantage points from which he could photograph New Yorkers’ interaction with their newly mysterious city. “I shot in different locations, including in the East […]