Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and Elvis Mitchell to be honored at the Gold Rush Awards

. . Black List collaborators Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and Elvis Mitchell will be honored at the second-annual Gold Rush Awards, scheduled for March 18 at the Red Bull Space in New York City and hosted by MTV vet Sway Calloway. The awards, which recognize “outstanding individuals in the arts for establishing groundbreaking projects,” will also honor […]

PhotoPlus Expo: landing larger commercial shoots

… I took six pages (!) of notes at the seminar “Stepping Up to Larger Production Commercial Shoots,” which was moderated by PDN features editor Conor Risch. The panelists: photographer Kareem Black; Celeste Holt-Walters, senior art producer at McCann-Erickson; Stockland Martel photo agent Kathryn Tyrrel; and Bette Wilkes, executive producer for her husband, photographer Stephen […]