Matthias Clamer re-creates classic album covers—from Beyoncé to Devo—with 14 pro athletes for ESPN The Magazine

ESPN The Magazine recently commissioned Matthias Clamer to collaborate on a portfolio for their Music Issue, on newsstands now, comprising a series of portraits re-creating classic album covers—by artists ranging from Beyoncé to Devo—using pro athletes. Talk about a fun assignment! To prepare, Matthias purchased a suitcase’s worth of books on iconic album art and brought […]

SPD’s Cover of the Day: Matthias Clamer’s Green Bay Packers portrait for ESPN The Magazine

The Society of Publications Designers chose the cover of the new issue of ESPN The Magazine as today’s Cover of the Day. Congratulations to creative director John Korpics and photography director Karen Frank, and to Matthias Clamer, who photographed Aaron Rogers and his fellow Green Bay Packers for the cover. . . .

New work: Albert Pujols by Art Streiber for ESPN The Magazine

The cover story of ESPN The Magazine‘s “Recruiting Issue,” which just came out, provides a “pitch-by-pitch account of how one team recruited the best bat and the best arm on the free agent market.” The team in question: the Los Angeles Angels. And the best bat? Slugger Albert Pujols, of course, who was photographed for […]