Jimmy Chin’s dramatic photo for The New York Times Magazine a winner at SPD’s 52nd Annual Design Competition

Jimmy Chin‘s photo of Jamison Walsh climbing to the top of 1 World Trade Center—shot for Kathy Ryan at The New York Times Magazine—won the top prize in the cover category at the Society of Publication Designers’ 52nd Annual Design Competition. The cover also won a Gold Cube from the Art Directors Club in the […]

Tobias Hutzler joins Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail for The New York Times Magazine

What an amazing assignment—The New York Times Magazine asked Tobias Hutzler to photograph Hillary Clinton along the campaign trail for a July 19 cover story on the 2016 presidential candidate. Tobias, who previously photographed Chris Christie for the magazine, traveled with Clinton and her security detail to Vermont, New Hampshire, and Missouri. His mission was […]

Walter Iooss joins an all-star photographic lineup next week at the LOOK3 Festival, curated by Kathy Ryan and Scott Thode

The annual LOOK3 Festival kicks off next Wednesday in Charlottesville, Virginia, featuring a host of exhibitions and a lineup of renowned image makers: Walter Iooss, Alec Soth, Larry Fink, Monica Haller, David Alan Harvey, Vincent J. Musi, Piotr Naskrecki, and Andrea Douglas. On Friday, there will be an artist’s talk with Walter led by Steve […]

The New York Times Magazine sends Tobias Hutzler to shadow Chris Christie on the campaign trail

For a feature on New Jersey governor Chris Christie, The New York Times Magazine sent Tobias Hutzler to photograph the politician, whose blunt outspokenness has earned him a larger-than-life reputation, as he campaigned in New Jersey and Iowa for fellow Republican candidates ahead of the midterm elections. “The assignment was to show politics from a […]

Nadav Kander in conversation with Kathy Ryan at the National Portrait Gallery in London

Stockland Martel wishes to thank the National Portrait Gallery for hosting “In Conversation: Masters of Photography,” a discussion between Nadav Kander and New York Times Magazine director of photography Kathy Ryan. The sold-out talk took place last Friday at the museum, which contains a number of Nadav’s works in its collection. Below, a photo of […]

Tobias Hutzler on photographing India’s magical, uplifting International Kite Festival

Each January 15th, residents of Gujarat, in northwest India, celebrate the day of Uttarayan, a public holiday marking the change from winter to summer, by taking part in a massive kite festival. How massive? More than 8 million people typically participate every year. Imagine an entire city united by the simple pleasure of flying a […]

The New York Times Magazine sends Tobias Hutzler to Turkey for a cover story on “How to Build a Perfect Refugee Camp”

For the cover story of this past Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, writer Mac McClelland visited a camp for Syrian refugees in Kilis, Turkey, that is anything but typical. “Many of the world’s displaced live in conditions striking for their wretchedness, but what is startling about Kilis is how little it resembles the refugee camp […]

Art Streiber on shooting the New York Times Magazine Super Bowl cover story on sports betting

Last month, The New York Times Magazine asked Art Streiber to shoot its two-cover story on America’s obsession with sports betting, which was published yesterday, on Super Bowl Sunday. “The concept was to illustrate how two normal guys would react to winning or losing their bets on the big game,” says Art, who worked with […]

New portraits by Nadav Kander: Sophie de Oliveira Barata, maker of bespoke limbs, and some of her clients

For the past couple of years, Sophie de Oliveira Barata has been crafting bespoke prosthetic limbs—a leg containing mini-drawers or, more recently, ones boasting designs printed in 3D. Nadav Kander photographed the imaginative de Oliveira Barata and her some of the clients of her Alternative Limb Project for a portfolio published yesterday in The New […]

Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda, photographed by Nadav Kander for The New York Times Magazine. Plus: outtakes from their portrait session

The New York Times Magazine commissioned Nadav Kander to photograph Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda, for its September 8 edition. Here’s the portrait that ran… . . And below are two outtakes from their portrait session. For a closer look, plus insight into Nadav’s process from New York Times Magazine associate photo editor Stacey Baker, […]