Steven Lippman shoots “Ödland” fashion feature for Malibu magazine and directs and edits a sexy video to go with it

For the February/March issue of Malibu, Steven Lippman photographed a fashion story, complete with a gorgeous stallion, called “Ödland”—which, loosely translated, means Badlands—and directed and edited a video for use on the magazine’s website. Here’s a look at the published story, along with one of Steven’s favorite outtakes… . . . Credits photographer/director: Steven Lippman […]

“Another Day”: a new portfolio by Steven Lippman shot exclusively for Malibu magazine

Malibu magazine commissioned Steven Lippman to shoot an exclusive portfolio of images for its December 2013/January 2014 issue, and to direct a short film to accompany it. Below, “Another Day,” with styling by Maya Krispin… . . . Some unpublished images from Steven’s shoot… . . .

Tonight: Join Steven Lippman in L.A. for Malibu magazine party

Please join Steven Lippman tonight for a party celebrating the June/July issue of Malibu magazine and Steven’s 24-page “No Bad Days” portfolio, featuring NEXT models. RSVP to . . .

Steven Lippman photographs NEXT models for “No Bad Days,” a 24-page nude portfolio for Malibu magazine

It’s rare in these digitally obsessed days that a print publication devotes more than a handful of pages to a story, let alone two dozen pages to a photo story. But that’s just what Malibu magazine has done in its June/July issue, which contains a 24-page portfolio by Steven Lippman featuring models from NEXT Model […]

Steven Lippman photographs actress Abigail Spencer for Malibu magazine. Plus: behind-the-scenes video

Steven Lippman photographed actress Abigail Spencer, one of the stars of the hit film Oz the Great and Powerful and star of the new Sundance series Rectify, for the April/May issue of Malibu magazine. Here’s a look, along with a photo of Steven and Abigail on location and a behind-the-scenes video… . . . .

Michael Muller photographs “Zero Dark Thirty” star Jason Clarke for Malibu magazine cover story

Michael Muller photographed actor Jason Clarke, who won accolades for his breakout performance in the Oscar-nominated film Zero Dark Thirty, for Malibu magazine. Here’s a look… .

Malibu Archives by Steven Lippman

A slideshow of photos from Malibu Archives, Steven Lippman‘s ongoing personal series on life in Malibu, where he and his family—wife Ana Paula, daughter Reilley, son Ryder, and dog Zuma—reside. . . For a closer look at the images, along with captions, click on the “read more” link below… .

Steven Lippman’s Malibu: the MSA Classic

Steven Lippman and his team, the Malibu Allstars, came in second in the Jim Beam Surftag California competition at the MSA Classic at First Point in Malibu this past September. Here are some of his photos from that salty, sun-soaked day. .

Steven Lippman’s Malibu: Big swell

When he’s not shooting for a client, Steven Lippman is usually out surfing or skating in Malibu, where he and his family live, and documenting the scene while he’s at it. Which presents an excellent opportunity to view this exclusive Southern California enclave through the eyes of an insider who also happens to be a […]