Jimmy Chin, Nadav Kander, and Miller Mobley featured in the new PDN Photo Annual. Plus: Art Streiber wins the Sony Tastemaker Award

We’re thrilled to announce that Jimmy Chin, Nadav Kander, and Miller Mobley are featured in the new PDN Photo Annual—and Art Streiber was named the winner of the Sony Tastemaker Award. Two of Jimmy’s photos of Felipe Camargo climbing the Getu Arch in China were selected in the sports category.     Nadav won in […]

Miller Mobley photographs Tina Fey for the cover of The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment issue and the Director Roundtable, featuring Barry Jenkins, Mira Nair, Denzel Washington, Damien Chazelle, Oliver Stone, and Mel Gibson

Random post: Mel Gibson directs “the cheesiest video ever”

Mel’s been trying to repair his image ever since his anti-Semitic tirade in September 2006. But we’re not sure that this glassy-eyed, post-Apocalypto directorial effort, for girlfriend Oksana Gregorieva’s “Beautiful Heartache,” is the way to do it. (Sample lyric: “I love the way you wear your skin.” Huh. Sounds like a line from The Silence […]