Art Streiber photographs Nike CEO Mark Parker and shoe designers Tinker Hatfield and Tiffany Beers for Wired’s exclusive look at the footwear brand’s lab

Michael Muller photographs NBA legend Kobe Bryant for Nike

Gritty, colorful Nike campaign—shot by Martin Sigal for BBDO Argentina—celebrates female athleticism

  credits agency: BBDO Argentina art director: Gustavo Chiocconi account director: Denise Orman graphic production: Lucila Dragan Gigena digital artist: Martin Sichetti production: Brite Productions

Martin Sigal photographs campaign, directs commercial featuring Argentina’s national rugby team, the Pumas, for Nike

. . Credits client: Nike Argentina agency: BBDO Argentina executive creative directors: Ramiro Rodriguez Cohen and Rodrigo Grau copywriter: Julian Tachella art director: Christian Rosli agency producers: Jimena Oliva and Veronica Zeta account director: Paz Goicoa account excecutive: Pastor Mengide account assistant: Mercedes Oliverio production company: Sake Integrated photographer/director: Martin Sigal . .

Nadav Kander: “Just the right amount of wrong”

For a new campaign for the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Fallon came up with a tagline that perfectly encapsulates the hotel’s swanky combination of hipness and decadence: “Just the right amount of wrong.” Then they commissioned a photographer who could visually express the campaign’s promise of an outlandishly—and stylishly—good time. Specifically, Nadav Kander, who worked […]

Spotlight: Uwe Duettmann

Many people think of Uwe Duettmann in terms of his automotive photography, and it’s true that he’s highly skilled at portraying cars from any number of perspectives. Might, machine, materials, the experience of the drive, sex appeal, practical appeal, humorous appeal—he has expressed all of this and more for clients ranging from Mercedes to Mini, […]

Michael Muller’s Nike Spot

Michael Muller’s Nike “PacMan” clips

Design director Alvin Chan on Nike’s ads and Nadav Kander

In an interview posted today at The F Stop, Alvin Chan, the design director for Nike Europe, describes his creative process, from idea to execution, for a series of 2008 ads promoting the 10R Ronaldhino boot, named for the Brazilian football star. Ronaldhino has an image as a happy-go-lucky guy with lots of “flair,” but […]