Michael Muller photographs “Penny Dreadful” star Josh Hartnett for Playboy


New work: Jorg Badura photographs the “bionic man” for Playboy

For the June issue of Playboy, Jorg Badura went to Boulder to photograph U.S. Army Captain David Rozelle, “the first American since the Civil War to return to battle after losing a limb in combat.” As the story explains, Rozelle’s incredible comeback is due to a mix of his unflagging determination as well as a […]

Matthias Clamer shoots Bruno Mars for Playboy cover

The April issue of Playboy is devoted to one of the most reliable combinations in the history of forever: “Sex + Music.” Silken pop singer Bruno Mars is the cover boy, posing with Playmate Raquel Pomplun for our own Matthias Clamer. “I think I nicked that pose from an old Helmut Newton photograph,” he says. […]

22 motion, advertising, and editorial highlights

… You know how magazine covers always tout the number of good things contained inside? “85 Uses for Your Gardening Hose.” “Rock-Hard Abs in Only 3,427 Steps.” “0 Reasons to Like Sen. Joe Lieberman.” Well, we’ve taken a similar (but more serious) approach with our 2009 Winter E-Newsletter. If you’re on our mailing list, you […]

Chelsea Handler on the cover of Playboy

… Matthias Clamer photographed the quippy talk-show host for the cover of Playboy‘s Christmas issue, which is out now. The pose was inspired by the famous Coppertone ad—”because,” writes Matthias at his blog, “every photographer has to do that at least once in his lifetime.” .. .. There’s more on the Playboy shoot, plus some […]

Heidi Montag on making “art” for Playboy with Matthew Rolston

… … Matthew photographed Heidi Montag for the September 2009 issue of Playboy, now on newsstands, and as the twentysomething reality-TV star explains at her website, the shoot took a lot more effort than you might suspect. “I worked out very hard for this,” Montag says. “I worked my butt off. [Playboy] kind of had […]