Art Streiber shoots innovative Instagram-based campaign for Heineken and the U.S. Open. Plus: Behind-the-scenes photos

Wieden+Kennedy recently commissioned Art Streiber to shoot an innovative new campaign—the first of its kind—for Heineken that sent Instagram users on an interactive scavenger hunt in pursuit of a plum prize: tickets to the U.S. Open. Instagram marketing blog Nitrogram explains how the campaign, called Crack_the_US_Open, worked: “Heineken [led] the scavenger hunt on a dedicated […]

Profoto blog goes behind the scenes of Art Streiber’s “Star Wars” cover shoot for Wired

. Many thanks to Marisa Gertz for her terrific piece on Art Streiber and his Star Wars–themed cover shoot for Wired, published today on the Profoto blog. “If you ever need to shoot a theater full of Stormtroopers,” she writes in the introduction, “you know who to call: Art Streiber, master of crazy lighting setups […]

Profoto blog on “Michael Muller: The Power and the Wow”

Profoto, a Swedish company that designs and builds lighting solutions for still and motion photography, did a big interview with Michael Muller for its blog that covers how Michael became a photographer, how a campaign he shot in 2000 became a turning point both for him and for the fashion brand Von Dutch, his approach […]