Uwe Duettmann for Seat Ibiza and Red Bull

Two new advertising campaigns by Uwe Duettmann were released recently. One is for the cute Seat Ibiza compact car, produced by the agency Atletico International. Paolo Furlan was the art director for the two car-focused shots, and Paul Valentine was the AD for the lifestyle images… . . The other campaign is for Red Bull […]

New work: Uwe Duettmann for Red Bull

A new overseas campaign for Red Bull reflects just how influential retro-centric iPhone apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic have become to advertisers eager to reach a visually savvy young audience. Some of the photos have a faded-Polaroid look, while others have a scratched-up old-camera effect or are super-saturated in that yummy Kodachrome way. They are, […]

Uwe Duettmann for Red Bull: Welcome to Leipzig!

It’s so nice to step off a train in a new town and see a friendly face. Or…not. Uwe Duettmann recently photographed members of the German soccer team RB Leipzig, who are partly owned by energy-drink maker Red Bull, for a giant advertisement greeting visitors to Leipzig Central Station. “Welcome to Leipzig,” says the ad, […]