Rolph Gobits and Royal Ascot Week

In England, Royal Ascot Week is one of the most glamorous annual events for horse racing, with even the Royal Family in attendance to cheer on Queen Elizabeth’s horses. Last month, Rolph Gobits went to Waterloo Station, where the trains depart for Ascot, with his camera. “What makes these Ascot races so special is that […]

Things to do in a heat wave

It’s in the 90s here in New York City and will be through the weekend. Gasp. How to beat the heat? Some suggestions… . GET SOMEONE TO TAKE YOU OUT ON THEIR BOAT . VISIT THE LOCAL SWIMMING HOLE . GO WHERE THE BREEZE IS . TREAT YOURSELF TO A FLOAT . ENJOY A COOL […]

New Royal Mail stamp features a Rolph Gobits photograph

Talk about getting your work in front of as many people as possible—one of Rolph Gobits‘ photographs is being used on a new Royal Mail stamp. “To coincide with the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II this coming weekend—60 years on the throne—a new collection of stamps has just been issued. It covers the letters […]

Rolph Gobits’ “Life at 27 Degrees Below Zero.” Part 3: “Ice Fishing”

Presenting “Ice Fishing,” the third in our three-part series of highlights from Rolph Gobits‘ new project, “Life at 27 Degrees Below Zero.” See also: Part 1: “Swimmers” and Part 2: “Vladivostok Portraits.” .

Rolph Gobits’ “Life at 27 Degrees Below Zero.” Part 2: “Vladivostok Portraits”

Presenting “Vladivostok Portraits,” part 2 of our three-part series of highlights from Rolph Gobits‘ new project, “Life at 27 Degrees Below Zero.”  See also: “Life at 27 Degrees Below Zero.” Part 1: “Swimmers.” Next week: “Ice Fishing.” .

Rolph Gobits’ “Life at 27 Degrees Below Zero.” Part 1: “Swimmers”

London-based portrait and landscape photographer Rolph Gobits has just produced a series of images inspired by his wife’s hometown of Vladivostok, Russia, and taken during a period of extreme cold. Called “Life at 27 Degrees Below Zero,” the project ranges from street photographs and portraits Rolph took around town to images of ice fishermen and […]

“Solitary Refinement”

Environmental portraiture is one of Rolph Gobits specialties, and his style tends to be quite elegant. Maybe it’s because he’s often photographing people in wonderfully old and ornate European settings and because his lighting has something of the Old Masters to it. Whatever the reason, his portraits—despite occasional humorous twists or traces of melancholy—often seem […]

Whose side are you on: portraits shot in profile

. Portraits in which the subject meets the photographer’s gaze are justifiably the norm, but there’s plenty to be said for shooting a profile view. You feel somehow that the photographer is letting you in on something—something that subjects themselves may not be aware of at the time… .   . .

SMart Book 2011, our latest photo annual, is now online!

Earlier this year, we threw a big party to celebrate the release of SMart Book 2011, our latest limited-edition collectible photo annual. And now, we’re happy to announce that the book is available to view online at . . The concept for this year’s book is SMart Words. Here’s how Bill and Maureen explained […]

Rolph Gobits’ series “The Entertainers” to be exhibited in England

. Rolph Gobits‘ series “Entertainers” has been more than 20 years in the making, a circus-inspired collection of portraits of middle-aged clowns, knife throwers, ersatz cowboys, riders of tiny bicycles, accordion players, and masters of shadow puppetry. These are photos of people who live to put on a show and, despite their age, will pull […]