Matthias Clamer photographs the performers of the thrilling Las Vegas show “Absinthe” for Spiegelworld


Behind the scenes of Tobias Hutzler’s short film “Balance”

Before we delve into the making of Tobias Hutzler’s Balance, we offer our sincere thanks to Time for featuring the film last Friday and B2Pro for supporting the production. Within two days, Balance racked up close to 50,000 views on Tobias’ Vimeo channel and nearly 2,000 likes. (As of this writing, it has surpassed 70,000 […]

Matthias Clamer for Spiegelworld

What is Spiegelworld? This traveling circus defies precise categorization, but a combination of cabaret, burlesque, and big-top spectacular comes close to covering it. Since 2005, Spiegelworld have been commissioning Matthias Clamer to photograph promotional imagery for their shows—including this year’s event, Empire, which is being staged on Broadway. Robin Leach—if you’re of a certain age, […]