Art Streiber on shooting the New York Times Magazine Super Bowl cover story on sports betting

Last month, The New York Times Magazine asked Art Streiber to shoot its two-cover story on America’s obsession with sports betting, which was published yesterday, on Super Bowl Sunday. “The concept was to illustrate how two normal guys would react to winning or losing their bets on the big game,” says Art, who worked with […]

Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda, photographed by Nadav Kander for The New York Times Magazine. Plus: outtakes from their portrait session

The New York Times Magazine commissioned Nadav Kander to photograph Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda, for its September 8 edition. Here’s the portrait that ran… . . And below are two outtakes from their portrait session. For a closer look, plus insight into Nadav’s process from New York Times Magazine associate photo editor Stacey Baker, […]

Nadav Kander photographs “Titans of the Stage” for The New York Times Magazine

For a feature in a special London-centric issue of The New York Times Magazine, director of photography Kathy Ryan commissioned Nadav Kander to make portraits of esteemed British actors—Judi Dench, Patrick Stewart, Eileen Atkins, and Mark Rylance among them. Nadav worked both in studio and on location in London, and the shoots were produced by […]

25 vintage tennis shots by Walter Iooss

The U.S. Open started yesterday, inspiring Walter Iooss to pull together a selection of his tennis photos from the 1970s and ’80s. It’s especially fun to look at these images knowing that Andy Samberg impersonated some of these athletes for the New York Times Magazine cover story that Walter shot for Kathy Ryan, the magazine’s […]