“People ignore generic photos online”

Is it possible that quality is making a comeback? A new study by author and website consultant Jakob Nielsen focuses on how people interact with images online—and finds that generic stock images are not just unappealing to viewers but also are a big turnoff. Nielsen “points out that the random or stock images on Web […]

Doug Menuez invites you to “Chill”

Doug and his team at Menuez Archive Projects have posted a collection of images meant to induce a state of relaxation and calm. And not just because they’re model-released and ready to use. No, this edit, which they’ve dubbed “Chill,” is intended to make you feel like this… . . …as if you had just […]

Doug Menuez on photographing hands

Doug Menuez and the team at his stock site, Menuez Archive Projects, recently combed through his catalog and put together an entire collection of hands-related photos, including these… . .I asked Doug for the backstory on this collection. Here’s what he said: . Why photograph people’s hands? For me, photographing hands is another form of […]

Doug Menuez on shooting portraits and connecting with your subjects

When it comes to portraiture, photographers all have their different styles and approaches, but there’s one thing they can’t do without: trust. Gain your subject’s trust, and the possibilities are endless. “We all hide behind a facade,” notes Doug Menuez. “To get past that, I have to connect with my subjects on a basic human […]

Doug Menuez on photographing kids (hint: Forget about being the boss)

Before he signed with Stockland Martel in 2008, Doug had spent two decades as an award-winning documentary photographer, a period marked by countless days of world travel—and kids, lots of kids, who were his unofficial welcoming party everywhere he went. “I could always count on getting swarmed by curious children as I arrived in some […]