Kwaku Alston Instagrams Venice Beach

Kwaku Alston is both an avid observer of Venice Beach, California, and a prolific Instagrammer (follow him at Below, 25 of our favorite Venice photos from his Instagram feed… . . .

Sign up for Kwaku Alston’s Venice Beach Street Photography Workshop

. If you’ve ever wanted to study with Kwaku Alston, now is your chance: He’s just launched his first-ever workshop, the Venice Beach Street Photography Workshop, and registration is under way. For details, visit And to sign up, head over here. . .

Kwaku Alston launches Supernova, a biannual magazine inspired by his photo projects in Venice Beach and beyond

. Celebrity and entertainment photographer Kwaku Alston has just launched Supernova, a biannual magazine inspired by his many personal photo projects and designed by U.K.-based art director Martin Lear. The 67-page premiere issue features images from Kwaku’s ongoing series on Venice Beach, California, where he lives and which he has photographed since moving there from […]

The New York Times profiles Kwaku Alston

. The New York Times Lens blog yesterday featured an interview with Kwaku Alston that looks at the award-winning editorial and advertising photographer’s quest to rekindle his personal passion for photography—specifically, by shooting images on his own in his Venice, California, neighborhood. “The Venice community is a remarkable mix of people and cultures,” Kwaku explained […]

Kwaku Alston captures Venice Beach’s “Horizon Court”

. Kwaku has been photographing Venice Beach, where he lives, for the past decade, and he occasionally exhibits some of those images at his studio on Abbott-Kinney Boulevard. Last fall, for example, he showed his portraits of vintage Volkswagen buses parked in and around his neighborhood. (Below is the invitation, and you can view scenes […]

Kwaku Alston’s Venice

  ……. A few years ago, Kwaku Alston relocated from New York City to Venice Beach, California, a move that left him feeling surprisingly unsettled—“not only physically and emotionally, but artistically,” he says. He coped by way of his camera, which accompanied him on long, lonely walks through his Abbott-Kinney neighborhood and along Venice’s legendary […]