Brinson+Banks photograph Randy Newman at his Pacific Palisades home for The Washington Post

“We got to witness Randy Newman play ‘I Love L.A.’ live in his home during our shoot, which is pretty amazing,” say Brinson+Banks. Read the Washington Post‘s interview with the award-winning singer-songwriter here.    

Brinson+Banks on photographing Issa Rae, creator and star of HBO’s “Insecure,” for The Washington Post

Brinson+Banks photographed Issa Rae, whose second season of Insecure premiered on HBO this past Sunday, for The Washington Post at the London West Hollywood Hotel, where they recently shot Will Ferrell. “Oftentimes when we photograph actors, they’re in the middle of a super-long and super-busy day promoting their show or movie. Our job is to […]

Brinson+Banks photograph Matilda the Hun, Roxy Astor, and other original Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling for The Washington Post

“We photographed these badass ladies at their homes all over Southern California,” say Brinson+Banks of their shoots with some of the original Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, the 1980s wrestling league that inspired the new Netflix series GLOW. Scroll down for some spirited behind-the-scenes content. Read the story here: “This ’80s female wrestling league was dangerous […]

Brinson+Banks photograph actor Philip Baker Hall for the Washington Post

  Read the article: “Philip Baker Hall is your favorite actor whose name you can’t quite place”  

Brinson+Banks photograph Weird Al Yankovic at his Hollywood home for the Washington Post

“You couldn’t grow up in the U.S. in the 80s and 90s and not know Weird Al‘s music, so we were both excited about meeting this talented man in person,” say Brinson+Banks, who photographed the Grammy-winning musical parodist at his home in the Hollywood Hills. “He was just as animated as could be for the […]

Brinson+Banks photograph, and bond with, Conan O’Brien

  “We’ve had met and photographed some amazing celebrities lately,” says David Walter Banks of Brinson+Banks, “but our shoot with Conan O’Brien was our favorite in a long while, which is saying a lot because there’s some steep competition.” “It doesn’t hurt that two of the three of us are redheads,” adds Kendrick Brinson, “which […]