Trine Wordle {July 2022} Know Puzzle 396 Correct Answer!

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The article clears the confusion about Trine Wordle and proves it is the wrong concept and there is nothing like this Wordle.

Do you know today’s answer to Wordle? Actually, many gamers are getting confused about today’s response to Wordle. Many Wordle gamers from IndiaAustralia and New Zealand want to know the actual facts of this confusion.

As per the report, today’s Wordle answer is “Trite”. But in some information, it is “Trine”. It is the confusion of the Wordle players. They think Trine Wordle is a different kind of Wordle game. We should eradicate this confusion through our arguments.

What Do You Know about Wordle and Trine? 

First of all, it is clear that the Wordle answer of 20 July 2022 is Trite. It is the answer to the Wordle number 396. But many gamers from the United Kingdom have found the solution, Trine. For this reason, the confusion has started.

We check all the matter, and we find that Trine is a word, and it is not the answer to the Wordle game of 20 July 2022. Even if it is not a Wordle game.

Trine Game

We need to do the proper investigation of this matter. Actually, in recent times there are many types of similar games that have emerged, like the Wordle puzzle game. But as per our information and examination, we don’t find any match like Trine.

In our opinion, it is a word. Let’s find out the meaning of the word. We find the purpose of Trine is Triple or threefold. The word is used for astrological matter. We also check the meaning of the word “Trite”. The word means Banal, Cliched or Vapid. It proves that the two words are different.

Trine Wordle

In the United States, many word puzzle gamers want to know about this Wordle Trine. But let us be clear that there is no such thing in this game. Trine is a word, and it is not the trite word or answer of the Wordle of 20 July 2022 (Wordle Number 396).

Actually, the Trine is used mistakenly. You can also trace the word by the hints in the game rules. The Wordle hint was that the first letter was “T”, and the last was “E”. The second and third letter was “R” and “I”. The answer is “Trite”. You already have understood the Trine Definition

Why is the News Circulating? 

Unfortunately, on the last few occasions, the gamers have faced this kind of wrong information and confusion. For this reason, many Wordle lovers post this news on social media platforms. The gamers do not understand the reason behind it. 

And the players also demand to solve the problems and erase the confusion by the Wordle authority. For this reason, the news is circulating on social media.


We have cleared all the proofs of the arguments. And it is removed by our data and discussion that there is nothing like a Trine WordleIt is a wrong concept. We have gathered these data from affordable, trusted sources. 

But for your knowledge, you can check today’s answer by the link. Have you played today’s Wordle? Comment, please.  

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