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This write-up on Tupi South Cotabato Accident informs about a recent incident on a busy highway. Read to discover if the accident involves fatalities.

Was the Cotabato incident drastic? Were there any fatalities in the Cotabato accident? Many citizens in the Philippines have been worried ever since the accident news broke on the news channels. They are concerned about the individuals’ well-being and whether all survived or not.

In South Cotabato, Tupi, an errant truck struck a minimum of fourteen automobiles on a busy major highway, smashing about two persons instantly and injuring fourteen. Let’s know more about Tupi South Cotabato Accident in this blog post.

What happened recently in South Cotabato?

Most victims of the recent accident in South Cotabato were students. They all were waiting for rides from a private school when the ten-wheeler truck hit them. The head of PDRRMO, Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, South Cotabato, Rolly Aquino, stated that the ten-wheeled truck traveled from General Santos Coty to this city. 

When it approached the gliding part of this busy highway, it might have lost control of the brakes.

Tupi South Cotabato Accident:

The incident at South Cotabato occurred on Friday, September 23, 2022, past 06:00 a.m. It razed its direction through the congested highway, smacking automobiles in its path after losing control of its brakes.

Aquino stated in a news interview that “they are all still attempting to figure out the precise number of individuals killed and all those wounded,” referencing a video clip of the accident that users shared on social networking sites. However, all victims of the Tupi South Cotabato Accident seem to be youngsters.

Were the accident victims students?

The associated authorities remarked that the incident was due to the wayward truck that crashed into a small automobile, striking a few of the students from the SEAIT, the South East Asia Institute of Technology Incorporated. 

These students were looking for a means of transport on the roadside of the highway when the truck smashed many vehicles after losing control. It then resulted in Tupi South Cotabato Accident and hitting several vehicles. Officials are yet to conclude the number of survivors and fatalities. However, two died in this South Cotabato incident.


According to the PRC, and Philippine Red Cross, 14 vehicles, involving five motorbikes, a tricycle, a Yellow Bus, three pick-up automobiles, three SUVs, and the wayward cargo truck, were a part of the recent accident on September 23, 2022. 

Besides, look at the South Cotabato incident here. Have you seen the footage of the Tupi South Cotabato Accident? Share the incident in the comment section.

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