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The Video de olvido hormigos con Carlos Sanchez with Carlos Sanchez a warmed discussion about protection and moral cutoff points in the computerized age.

The video of Olvido Hormigos with Carlos Sánchez

The confidential Video de olvido hormigos con Carlos Sanchez (Toledo), Olvido Hormigos, was made public the previous summer creating a ruckus. As per the well established realities, Hormigos deliberately kept a video of cozy substance in the security of her home utilizing her cell phone. Afterward, she sent expressed video to Carlos Sánchez, a soccer player for the neighborhood group Cd Los Yébenes.

The video spread rapidly on WhatsApp and other interpersonal organizations, securing media inclusion. “In no time, the pictures went all through the nation,” said a police representative. This occasion shot Hormigos to notoriety, who went from being an obscure neighborhood lawmaker to featuring on covers in different media.

After the non-consensual scattering of his personal video, Hormigos recorded a grumbling against Sánchez and Chairman Pedro Acevedo, whom he blamed for adding to the spread of the pictures from the city lobby phone. Be that as it may, the Insightful Court number 1 of Orgaz declared the excusal of the case as it tracked down no proof of a wrongdoing against security.

The legitimate outcomes of the Olvido Hormigos video

After the non-consensual scattering of her private video, Olvido Hormigos documented an objection with the court. In particular, the previous communist councilor of Los Yébenes recorded the criminal objection against Carlos Sánchez, a nearby soccer player who got the disputable video, and against City hall leader Pedro Acevedo.

Hormigos blamed Sánchez for having dispersed the material without his authorization, causing moral harm and interruption into his security. Then again, she faulted Acevedo for spreading the video from the board’s cell phone. “We have signs that he utilized public assets to assist with spreading my confidential video,” proclaimed the complainant.

Responses to the spread of the Olvido Hormigos video

The non-consensual spread of the cozy Video de olvido hormigos con Carlos Sanchez, a neighborhood lawmaker up to that point obscure external her district, to notoriety. Short-term, he turned into a person of note popular by the media.

After the embarrassment, Hormigos partook in public TV programs as a competitor. Likewise, she featured in reports and meetings in different distributions. “I never envisioned that that private video would give me such a lot of media perceivability,” recognized the previous city chairman.

A few basic voices consider that Hormigos has had the option to exploit the occasion. “She is the primary recipient of the embarrassment, she got prominence and agreements on account of that,” announced attorney Víctor Sánchez-Beato, lawful delegate of City hall leader Pedro Acevedo.

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