{Updated} Viral Scandal November 2022: Check New Viral Cemetery Scandal, And Also Find Details On Pinay Viral Scandal Cemetery

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Among many scandals in the first week of November 2022, the Philippines cemetery scandal is topping the list on the internet. The term Pinay and Symetro is used extensively to tag cemetery scandal video. Pinay means Filipino origin or ethnicity, and Symetro means cemetery. There are stringent laws in the Philippines against slavery, but the occupation of getting paid for physical acts is provisioned in the law.

Let’s check the complete facts about the Viral Scandal November 2022.

About the Philippines cemetery scandal:

A new cemetery scandal came up on 3rd-November-2022 in addition to the first scandal video shared on the same date. The scandal was related to a boy and a girl intimating at a cemetery. 

The video of the sense at the cemetery was extensively shared from 4rd-November on social media sites. The video received more than 28 million views on TikTok, which exceeds if the views on Twitter and Reddit pages are added.

*The links of social media sites are provided in the below section.

Another reason for the cemetery scandal’s popularity is that on 3rd-November-2022, a New Viral Cemetery video showed a boy and girl at the cemetery, with the dominating girl in physical acts. On the next day, on 4th-November-2022, the new video was extensively shared on social media due to the popularity of their first video.

Next, the video released on 3rd-November was already reported on various news channels, and a police investigation was also initiated. However, to date, police have not rolled out an update related to the identity of the boy and girl and the cemetery’s location. The release of a new video showed the failure of police to stop such crimes.

Further, the new Cemetery Scandal video also gained popularity as both videos were shot at a cemetery. It was hard to believe that physical acts were performed at a burial place and used as a hideout. 

About Pinay cemetery scandal:

The first/old video of Pinay scandal cemetery involved the same boy and the girl. The latest video was released on the same day, but the second video was shared lately on 4th-November-2022.

The old video started with romantic senses and ended with a girl performing oral physical acts. The new video showed the boy dominating. Both the videos of the Viral Scandal November 2022 did not expose any private parts of the actors.

In the latest video, the boy is shown becoming physical with the girl lying down on the floor at the cemetery and standing outside a house. The physical acts were performed at the same cemetery location featured in the first video and outside a house. 

Another sense from the video showed the ash-green color t-shirt of the girl, and the second sense in the video showed both in black t-shirts and third sense showed girl in red top. In the first video, both were dressed up in a white t-shirts.

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The latest Viral Scandal November 2022 video featured on YouTube and Twitter was approximately one minute long. Four senses from the first and the second video were shot at the same spot in the cemetery and outside a house. The only difference was three different colors of t-shirts and tracks. It clues that multiple videos were taken at the cemetery on a single day in different physical positions and acts!

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Viral Scandal November 2022 – FAQ

1Q. What does the latest video show?

Initial senses showed physical acts performed by a boy with a girl wearing an ash-green, black, and red color t-shirts.

2Q. Where was the latest video shot?

The video was shot at the same location of the cemetery as shown in the old video and a sense outside.

3Q. Who acted in the latest video?

The same unidentified boy and a girl from the old video are featured in the latest video.

4Q. What is assumed from the second video?

It can be assumed that multiple videos were taken on a single day in the cemetery.

5Q. Is the identity of the Pinay Viral Scandal Cemetery actors revealed?

No. But, multiple videos showing different clothing suggested that both were professional actors from an illicit industry or they may be shooting the video in exchange for money.

6Q. Is the full video available on the internet?

No. The full-length video is not available on the internet or social media sites.

7Q. Where is the censored video available?

The latest video of cemetery scandal is available on YouTube and tagged as VIRAL SA SEMENTERYO 2022.

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