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The article, What Did Brittney Griner Do, explains the incident that happened in Russia along with information about her partners and children.

Are you a frequent follower of political and sports news? Have you heard of the incident which involves both streams and has become a whole country’s issue? The famous US basketball players’ conviction surprised the heads of the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, and they found that the judgement was arbitrary and unacceptable. But here in this article, we will discuss the facts and answers the question What Did Brittney Griner Do

Basketball star incarcerated

The 31-year-old Brittney Griner is a famous player on the US basketball team, and she has made the USA citizens proud by winning two Olympic medals. But now, she has been detained in jail for 9 and half years for smuggling 0.7 grams of hashish oil. 

Russian police arrested her at Moscow airport for possessing narcotics in February. After six months, The Russian judge, Anna Sotnikova, made the judgement yesterday. Because possessing narcotics is illegal in Russia. Griner has pleaded to the judge, and she admitted that it was her honest mistake; she had packed the hashish oil in the luggage unknowingly. 

Brittney Griner Net Worth 2022

Amidst the Russian and Ukrainian war tensions, the news of Brittney Griner’s conviction became trending on the internet. Many officials have felt that she has been used as a political pawn. Because she is a US citizen and the current political tensions are between the USA and Russia. 

Griner is a United States Women’s National Basketball Association star player. She spent most of her career with the Phoenix Mercury team and has earned millions. So her net worth is $5 million. She earned a million dollars by playing basketball for nine years. She even played for Russia’s UMMC Ekaterinburg for three seasons.

The family

Brittney Griner Kids are also in the trend because; The words she uttered in the Russian court were “I Love My Family”. That phrase holds many emotions, so her fans started searching for her lovable family. According to online sources, Griner has two twin children, Ava and Solei. Griner has undergone the IVF (in vitro fertilisation) process to give birth to the two children. Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson were born to those parents. But some sources reported that Brittney Griner had the children under great pressure.

Details about her partners

Griner has been married twice, and Brittney Griner Husband name is Glory Johnson. He is also a basketball player. The two basketball players married in 2015, but their relationship lasted only one year. But the couple had 2 children. Then Brittney Griner fell in love with a female law student named Cherelle. Cherelle became the official wife of Griner in 2019. Griner is currently living with her wife, not with her husband.


The detention of Brittney Griner surprised her family and the whole nation because many diplomats felt that the maximum imprisonment period for possessing or smuggling narcotics in Russia was only five years. 

The article, What Did Brittney Griner Do? Answers the question, and the US government is having talks with Russia about prisoner swapping so that she can be in the USA. For more information.

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