Get Your Hands on the Latest Honda Click or Win an iPhone 14 Plus Only with ACE Money Transfer.

How to Get Your Hands on the Latest Honda Click or Win an iPhone 14 Plus Only with ACE Money Transfer.

Over 12 million Filipinos reside abroad, the majority of whom work there. They claim that nothing compares to the joy of returning home. Most Filipinos who work abroad must send money to Philippines home every month, which puts them at risk of financial instability. It is imperative to emphasise the importance of saving money. Particularly compared to regular workers, expats have higher expenses to cover. They must therefore manage their money with ten times greater caution. In this challenging time, what if you get a chance to win the Latest Honda Click or Win an iPhone 14 Plus by just making fee-free transactions? You read that right! ACE Money Transfer is offering this golden opportunity for its Filipino expats.

A recent study estimates that the Philippines’ remittance volume was almost USD 0.63 billion in 2021 and will rise to USD 0.68 billion by 2022. Due to this increase, the Philippines now receives significant annual financial transfers. Over 2 million overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) earn and send money home to the Philippines to support their families.

What Makes Filipinos Want To Work Abroad? 

Filipinos are well known for their persistence and unwavering devotion to their families. Due to a variety of reasons, a sizable proportion of Filipinos opt to leave their country of origin to pursue employment opportunities abroad. Millions of Filipinos are now employed overseas as a result of this phenomenon. They can be found working all over the globe.

The desire for better employment opportunities and higher salaries is one of the key elements. Jobs can be challenging, and salaries might not be enough to support people and their families in the Philippines. To increase their income and standard of living, many Filipinos are drawn to nations with robust economies and well-paying employment.

A significant factor in the decision to work abroad is the allure of better employment benefits and career advancement. Filipino workers frequently look for employment opportunities that allow them to access training, skill development, and professional growth opportunities that may not be easily accessible in their home country. They can develop new skills, gain experience working internationally, and improve their career prospects by taking jobs abroad.

How Does ACE Always Help its customers financially? 

When sending money abroad, it is customary to put the best exchange rates and lowest transaction costs first. What if you could combine the advantages of both worlds in a handy place? For all money transfers to the Philippines, ACE charges nothing at all. You can benefit from the most alluring regular offer from ACE Money Transfer. ACE offers first transactions without any fees for all new customers everywhere. This offer is for anyone who sends money abroad to over 100 nations, including the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, and Switzerland.

ACE Money Transfer has created various services and initiatives catering to the needs of Filipino workers and their families because they are aware of the difficulties they face. ACE has established itself as a dependable and sympathetic partner for Filipino workers working abroad because of its profound understanding of the aspirations of the Filipino community and the value of family support.

The requirement to send money home to support their families is one of Filipino workers’ main difficulties. ACE Money Transfer is aware of how vital these remittances are to maintaining households and enhancing the lives of loved ones. As a result, during their three-month campaign, they offered their Filipino customers a fee-free transfer service.

About Campaign

During the campaign, ACE Money Transfer offered fee-free transfers, enabling Filipino workers to send money to their families without paying fees. In other words, their loved ones will receive the entire amount they send to them, free of any charges or deductions that would lower the remittance’s value. This is of particular importance for Filipino workers, who frequently send a sizeable portion of their income to support their families at home.

To maximise the impact of Filipino workers’ remittances, ACE Money Transfer waives transfer fees in recognition of the value of every dollar earned. The Filipino community gains directly from this initiative by ensuring that their hard-earned money supports their families and meets their needs rather than being reduced by transaction costs.


The recipients of this exciting campaign will receive one of three brand-new Honda Click 160 motorcycles, while the sender will receive 9 iPhone 14 Plus. The best part is that you can enter to win any of these prizes by simply using ACE Money Transfer’s remittance services to make quick and secure international money transfers to the Philippines from various countries.

You live in the twenty-first century, where technology dominates almost all facets to save time, energy, labour, and money. The company chose automobiles and smartphones in this context to make communication and commuting easier.

Because it will be difficult to imagine your life without open means of commuting and communicating when you are reliant on others for both, the current campaign, however, offers you and your loved ones the thrilling chance to become independent in these two highly significant areas of life and win amazing prizes. For further details, Click Here to read the terms and conditions of this exciting promotion.

Why Does ACE Money Transfer Launch These Campaigns?

The business assesses the migrant population’s financial difficulties. Understanding this in practice is one of the business’s best customer service features. Additionally, starting such campaigns helps migrants in ways they don’t often consider. If you look closely and take a bird’s-eye view of the company’s history, you will see that these campaigns are created especially for immigrants from low- to middle-income countries (LMICs). The Philippines is undoubtedly one of the LMICs.

Win one of the 09 iPhone 14 Plus or one of the three brand-new Honda Click 160 motorcycles with ACE Money Transfer, safety, speed, real-time exchange rates, and other benefits for a fee-free transfer. 

Bottom Line 

You can take advantage of some of ACE’s most amazing deals. The FEE-FREE transaction to the Philippines and other nations is among ACE’s best services. Making zero-fee transactions with ACE is possible in a variety of ways. Check the ACE Money Transfer website or mobile app for all its promotions and service details. Millions of people in worldwide diasporas are known for consistently recommending ACE Money Transfer as the best service.



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