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Complete A Guide to Write For Us Cats

This post gives details for all wordsmiths with a feline fancy! Share your purr-ific Write For Us Cats Cat tales on Stocklandmartelblog.com. Contribute meow!

If you have a passion for feline friends, you won’t want to miss out on writing captivating write-ups about Cats. Discover a wealth of knowledge on various Cat breeds, behaviour, health tips, heartwarming anecdotes, and much more!

If you are a Cat Behavior specialist, you can share your knowledge via Write For Us Cats write-ups.

About Stocklandmartelblog.com:

We invite all talented bloggers to contribute their unique insights, stories, and information specifically centred around wonderful world of Cats. Join us as we celebrate enchanting and delightful realm of Cats through engaging and expertly crafted content contributed by fellow Cat enthusiasts. Stocklandmartelblog.com, a knowledge-based news website, publishes daily posts related to:

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  • Cats writers must conduct thorough research on Cats-related topics and understand audience preferences. 
  • They should have excellent written communication skills. 
  • Prior professional experience writing blogs and guest articles is valuable.


  • No need for formal certification in Cat Behavior/Animal Science/Veterinary Technology/Pet Grooming/Animal First Aid and CPR/Veterinary Assistant for writers. 
  • Prefer writers with professional experience in Cats behaviour. 
  • Must be proficient in crafting write-ups on online platforms.

Cats Write for Us SEO Guidelines:

  • Cats write-ups must be original and have a high readability score.
  • They should be free from grammatical errors and avoid passive voice.
  • Redundancy should be avoided. Offensive information and promotional links should not be included.
  • Keywords should be used appropriately for SEO.

Content writing guidelines:

  • Cats write-ups should provide accurate information and focus on subject of Cats.
  • Stay on topic and include two backlinks, images without copyright restrictions, and follow-up links.
  • Write for Us + Cats posts must include an introduction, pros and cons, FAQs, headings, bullet points, subheads, and reference links.
  • Have an unbiased conclusion summarizing key points.
  • Word count should be between 800(minimum) and 1,500(maximum).
  • Use an approachable tone to engage readers.

General guidelines:

  • Discuss proper nutrition and balanced meals consisting of high-quality animal proteins and fresh water.
  • Provide links to relevant resources, including books, magazines, online tutorials, blogging forums, Etc.
  • Discuss regular veterinary check-ups, preventing illnesses, and maintaining their well-being.
  • Provide guidelines to clean litter box for your Cat, scooping it daily to ensure hygiene.
  • “Write for Us” + Cats posts may explore need for cerebral and physical stimulation, engaging toys, scratching posts, and interactive playtime.
  • Guide on securing all household chemicals, toxic plants, and small objects that could be swallowed.
  • Guide about grooming to maintain a healthy coat and prevent hairballs, brushing their fur gently, and trimming their nails.
  • Provide a designated space for your Cat to retreat to and feel safe.
  • End with a call to action by requesting comments and feedback and sharing write-ups.
  • Recommended portion sizes of food to avoid overfeeding and obesity.
  • Cats + “Write for Us” posts may discuss offering Cats opportunities for vertical exploration, such as Cat trees or shelving.
  • Provide tips on maintaining a calm and stress-free environment.
  • Guide on making sure your Cat has access to fresh air and natural sunlight.
  • How to regularly clean and disinfect your Cat’s food and water bowls.
  • Discuss about neutering your Cat to control pet population.
  • Tips to secure your home with screens or nets on windows and balconies.
  • Include expert’s opinions and personal experiences.
  • Discuss preventing potential hazards like open flames, hot cooking surfaces, or electrical cords.
  • Cats “Write for Us” posts may provide tips on how to avoid territorial conflicts with other Cats.
  • Tips to establish a consistent schedule for feeding, playtime, and sleep.
  • Proofread content for typos and misleading sentences for better clarity. 
  • Ensuring regular exercise through interactive play sessions.
  • How to have regular bonding, quality time, and love and affection with Cats.


  • Cat-friendly travel destinations/home renovations/houseplants
  • Cat’s breeds/behavior/nutrition/training/health/playtime/socialization/communication/grooming/litter training/scratching behavior/dental care/body language/toys/enrichment/adoption/allergies/feeding tips/pregnancy/vaccinations/spaying/neutering/obesity/exercise/hunting instincts/marking behavior/territorial behavior/age determination/sleep patterns/senior care/separation anxiety/litter box problems/eye conditions/ear care/kidney health/dental diseases/parasites/gastrointestinal issues/respiratory infections/skin problems/fleas and ticks/shedding/hairballs/nervous system disorders/urinary tract health/allergies to humans/environmental enrichment/social hierarchy/Write for Us + Cats on introduction to new pets/stress relief/behavior modification/emergency care/obesity prevention/dental cleaning techniques/exercise ideas/grooming techniques/calming methods/nutrition for specific breeds/behavior changes with age/grooming suppliesCat-friendly travel tips/territorial marking prevention/training aids/socialization strategies/dental hygiene products/feeding schedules/vaccination schedules/parasite control methods/scratching post options/litter box maintenance/eye care products/ear cleaning products/kidney disease prevention/dental health treats/flea and tick prevention methods/shedding control techniques/hairball prevention remedies/anxiety management/litter box training techniques/dental disease prevention/exercise equipment/grooming services/calming products/nutrition for specific health conditions/weight loss strategies/puzzle toys/behavior problems and solutions/emergency first aid procedures/dental disease symptoms/exercise routines/grooming tips for long-haired breeds/separation anxiety solutions/behavior training tools/socialization exercises/dental care home remedies/vaccination importance, Etc.

“Write for Us” + Cats keywords:

Allintitle:Cats+guest post

Allintitle:Cats+submit blog post

Allintitle:Cats+write for us

Cats+”accepting guest posts”

Cats+”become a contributor”

Cats+”become a guest blogger”

Cats+”become an author”

Cats+”contribute to our site”

Cats+”contribute to this site”

Cats+”contributing writer”

Cats+”contributor guidelines”

Cats+”guest article”

Cats+”guest blog”

Cats+”guest blogger”

Cats+”guest column”

Cats+”guest post guidelines”

Cats+”guest post opportunities”

Cats+”guest poster wanted”

Cats+”guest posts wanted”

Cats+”looking for guest posts”

Cats+”submit blog post”

Cats+”submit content”

Cats+”submit guest post”

Cats+”submit your article”

Cats+”suggest a post”

Cats+”write for me”

Cats+”write for us”



Advantages of Cats + “Write for Us”:

  • Enhanced visibility,
  • Thought leadership,
  • Networking opportunities,
  • Increased credibility,
  • High-quality backlinks of Stocklandmartelblog.com,
  • Knowledge sharing to exhibit your expertise.
  • Your brand recognition,
  • More traffic generation,
  • Expert validation, and
  • Personal growth.

Submitting write-ups:

  • Think Like a Cat(Pam Johnson-Bennett)
  • The Complete Cat’s Meow(Darlene Arden)
  • Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook(Delbert G. Carlson, et al., Debra M. Eldredge)

Final thoughts:

Stocklandmartelblog.com have right to modify or remove parts of your submission. After approval, you cannot submit your Cats “Write for Us” posts elsewhere. Stocklandmartelblog’s team will contact you before publishing or within 24 hours after Cats write-up submission. . 

Were above directives on drafting write-ups about Cats helpful? Please comment on guidelines for crafting write-ups about Cats.



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