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The post discusses Write for Us Shopping with its guidelines for submitting your article.

Do you have good writing skills and want to grow your career in writing? If yes, read this post until the end because, in this post, we have discussed how you can develop your writing skills for the future and another important aspect. In this post, we discussed everything related to the platform where you write the article as per your writing style, the guidelines you need to follow, and how you can submit your article. 

If you are looking for a world-recognized platform where you can write and grow your skills, then read the Write for Us Shopping post till the end, as we have explained everything here.

Who we are?

We are one of the best-known websites that serves its users with excellent write-ups related to shopping. Besides shopping, we have blogs on several other categories, including health, law, medicine, and more. We have a world-recognized vast website with news, website reviews, and product reviews.

We have quality content trusted by the audience worlwide; thus, our views increase daily. To provide quality content, we have a team of passionate and hardworking content writers who deliver quality content after a series of research from several sources. Our team delivers quality content on Write for Us + Shopping, and every post on our website has excellent knowledge. 

Our website posts are excellent knowledge based on facts, recent updates, data, and actual events. Thus, users found our posts extraordinarily beneficial and knowledgeable; therefore, our website continually has repeated readers. Though the users can opt for the writing skills of their choice, they have to follow specific guidelines. So, read the guidelines mentioned below carefully.

Guidelines required to contribute to your guest post

Here are some crucial guidelines the user needs to follow, so read the guidelines below carefully.

  • Shopping Write for Us post needs to fulfill the word limit, so make sure that your post has a minimum of 1000 words and a maximum of 2500 words.
  • Your post needs to be SEO-friendly to rank higher on the search engine. To make your post SEO-friendly, you can read tips from the internet. However, you can also use interrogative words to list your post higher on the search engine.
  • It is vital that your article need to be 100% original. There shouldn’t be even 1% of plagiarism. To avoid plagiarism, you must write your post in your word. However, if our team finds plagiarism, your article will be canceled. 
  • Your “Write for Us” + Shopping article shouldn’t contain abusive, violent, or vulgar language. The language must be decent and easy to understand by people worldwide.
  • Your article needs to be in a format, which means you should keep your post in a proper system so it gets easily understood by people of every age. 
  • It would help to use the keywords in proper propositions with the 2% density. However, it would help if you used a keyword after every 90 to 100 words gaps. For example, if you write a 1000-word article, you must use the keywords 10 times in the entire post.
  • Shopping + “Write for Us” article must be free from spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors. Moreover, your post grammatical error must be more than 99+. 
  • Your post must be based on updated information, data, and facts so people can have the least information. However, it is also essential that you divide the post into proper headings and subheadings for a better understanding of the article.

You need to follow these essential guidelines while writing your article, so read them carefully and strictly follow them. You must follow the guidelines mentioned above to take advantage of this opportunity.

Benefits of Writing Shopping “Write for Us”

Though writing guest posts with us has several benefits, some are explained below.

  • While writing your guest post, you can check your post’s SERP score.
  • Your confidence will elevate as you write on one of the best platforms in the world, and people worldwide will read your article.
  • It will help your career growth because you can learn several skills to grow your writing skills here.
  • It will generate organic traffic on your website, which will help you rank your website higher on the search engine.

These are only a few benefits you can gain after writing the Write for Us Shopping, guest post with us, but apart from these benefits, there are several other benefits you can achieve from writing these guest posts. 

Know your topics!

  • Mistakes to avoid while shopping. 
  • Efficient shopping tricks and tips. 
  • Do we move to online shopping?
  • Tips to save money on shopping.  
  • Is online shopping good or offline?

These are some topics on which you can write your guest post, but besides these topics, you can opt for any other matter of your choice. However, you must follow guidelines for every issue you choose to write. Please select the topic that helps the user or guides the users. 

How do you submit your Write for Us + Shopping post?

If the information mentioned above is clear to you and you are the one who is appropriate for this post, then you must write a sample using these guidelines. Once you are finished with your article, send your article to contact.stocklandmartelblog22@gmail.com. As soon as we receive your article, our quality analysis team will analyze your article and revert you within 24 hours. However, we may be late in analyzing your post, but we will reach out to you as soon as possible. 


If you are passionate, hardworking, and a learner, this would be an excellent opportunity to grow your writing skills. So, if you have the quality mentioned earlier, write a post using the above guidelines and send it to us on the email ID mentioned above.

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