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All Information About Write For Us Yoga

Do you want to extend awareness about how important it is to build strength through yoga? It is crucial to have a yoga education if you want to maintain a balanced and healthy life. But, getting the proper education and knowledge is challenging.

So, if you know how advantageous it is to practice yoga for a healthy living and have good writing skills, you must connect with us. Our network provides a unique opportunity to assist contributors in exhibiting their writing capabilities. So, prepare to impart knowledge and go through the guidelines to send us your Write For Us Yoga post.

Who are we?

We are a thriving network with opportunities for young aspirants and writing enthusiasts. We, Stocklandmartelblog, a unique network, regularly publish posts and contribute content on many topics, industries, or sectors. 

The sectors you can write in are news affairs, cryptocurrency, computer, science, self-improvement, home and garden, technology, self-improvement, environment, football, lifestyle, sports, and many more.

We do not prefer or require any certification or qualification to become a contributor to our online network; we only necessitate quality writing, language skills, and a deeper understanding of the topic.

You must check some rules and guidelines advised by us for Write for Us + Yoga and follow them strictly to get your post published on our network. The procedures we have set are mandatory to follow, and avoiding them may result in the rejection of your post. 

Rules and guidelines:

We consider posting content on yoga on our online network only when the below-mentioned rules are adhered to. So, observe the latest guidelines and regulations here and establish yourself as our regular writing contributor.

  • We need distinctive writing and creativity in the yoga content, as poorly written posts are subject to rejection.
  • The details of Yoga Write for Us content must specify the benefits and need for yoga and how crucial it is to practice it regularly. 
  • The format or structure of your yoga post must have accuracy and perfection. We have specified implementing font, Times New Roman, justified, and 1.5 line spacing for the content.
  • Headings where needed, bulleted content, sub-headings, accurate alignment, and short sentences will make the reader go with the flow and maintain their interest till the topic’s end.
  • Proper sentence structure will never lose the reader’s interest and engagement since online readers prefer short, precise information and details.
  • Always use blue color for keywords and make them bold. Follow the gap we suggested for “Write for Us” + Yoga for the keywords or between 80 and 90 words. 
  • You must use green color for external links, make them bold, and it may have plagiarism of around 1 to 3 percent.
  • Limited suggested word count is crucial to making your content, as Google’s algorithm suggests. We prefer 1500 words for yoga topics and may not exceed 2500 words.
  • Posts including harsh language, abusive words, or provoking content would be subject to rejection. We aim to disperse facts and do not accept provoking words or any phrase or sentence that may hurt readers’ feelings or emotions.
  • Plagiarism or copying information from the internet or other web sources cannot be approved to publicize on your online network.

Best SEO Practices for Yoga + “Write for Us:”

Adhering to the following SEO practices will help your content be noticed since it will appear in the topmost search results.

  • Grammar in the yoga post must be accurate and error-free, with scores not less than 98. Online paid and premium tools are available to help you check grammatical mistakes in your yoga post.
  • Precise and accurate information written briefly is the best practice since users will be engaged with relevant and brief information. Elaborated content with filling words and sentences always lacks the user’s interest, and they leave the topic without going through it thoroughly.
  • Incorporating keywords in Yoga “Write for Us” as advised and an accurate structure or format of your yoga is likely to get visibility on the first results in search engine page results or SERPs.
  • Active voice makes the content easily understood by online readers, while content with more passive voice may face fewer readerships.
  • Transition words, accurate punctuation, and vocabulary maintained throughout your content will have a more significant readership.
  • Pick an interesting and helpful topic on yoga and create an intriguing title to let users tap on it and go through your yoga post. The length of a yoga post’s title is restricted to 50 to 56 characters.
  • A description is also mandatory to include in your post. It appears on the post’s top and gives a brief idea to the users about what is included in the yoga post. The length limit for description is between 90 and 160 characters.

What do contributors gain from publishing yoga posts?

  • Contributors to Write for Us + Yoga may gain popularity as they get noticed and recognized in the crowd of thousands of global content contributors.
  • Our significant readership and regularly increasing monthly web traffic are some of the essential benefits for contributors as our more extensive audience base reads their posts. Contributors may not need efforts to get readership as we already have abundant.
  • Your writing capabilities, content creation, formation, structure, vocabulary, punctuation, and other language capabilities will enhance when your writing would be regularly posted on our online network.

Topics For Yoga:

  • Benefits of yoga practices
  • How does yoga improve health and brain function?
  • Can yoga relieve stress?
  • The role of yoga education in your life

Where to post Yoga “Write for Us” topics?

Proper content creation and sticking to our set guidelines will help your post get published. Create content on yoga as proposed and forward it to us after cross-checking all recommended instructions.

We will guide you through the process after our professional editors select and approve your yoga post.


Writing and getting yoga posts published is crucial for contributors. Therefore, you must observe this guide and understand the importance of getting your yoga posts published on our online network. 

Once you have cross-checked your content creation on yoga, please mail it to contact.stocklandmartelblog22@gmail.com.

Can you create useful content on Write For Us Yoga? Share the writing skills and best practices you master.



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