Make Me a Supermodel’s Tyson and Nicole go topless for Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

As the hosts of Make Me a Supermodel, Tyson Beckford and Nicole Trunfio are usually sitting back and coolly assessing others, critiquing everything from the way a contestant walks to the look on his or her face. The pair are invulnerable, which is part of their appeal—they represent the perfection that everyone else on the show is meant to aspire to.

But for a portrait shoot with Timothy Greenfield-Sanders in Season 2, we see the softer side of Tyson and Nicole. Softer and more exposed. Greenfield-Sanders has the two pose topless, and in this clip from the episode, instead of doling out guidance on how to look, Tyson and Nicole are on the receiving end, with Greenfield-Sanders gently but decisively directing them. “All that warmth in your eyes, only in your eyes,” he tells Nicole. No doubt the contestants on the Bravo TV reality series, who have been humbled many a time by Nicole, were thinking, “What warmth?!” But that’s another story.

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