Jimmy Chin, Nadav Kander, and Art Streiber featured in PDN’s 2015 Photo Annual

Congratulations to Jimmy Chin, Nadav Kander, and Art Streiber, who are featured in PDN‘s new photo annual! Below, the winning work…



title: “Squarespace Presents: Alex Honnold”
ad agency: SpecialGuest
production company: RXR Sports
creative team: Dirk Collins, Jonathan Emmerling, and Robert Frost

Description: To showcase its completely redesigned interface, Squarespace collaborated with rock climber Alex Honnold to build the next generation of his personal website and create a new kind of template for its users. Squarespace enlisted director and photographer Jimmy Chin to capture still images and film a short documentary that shaped the campaign and informed Squarespace’s own design process by immersing them in Honnold’s world. Produced by RXR Sports in association with 1st Avenue Machine, Chin and his crew captured Honnold in his element—living out of his van, trekking through the valley and free-soloing the famed “Heaven” route.



Nadav Kander_Keira Knightley

publication: The Observer Magazine
picture editor: Kit Burnet
makeup: Lisa Eldridge
hairstylist: Aimee Hershaw

Description: Keira Knightley, photographed for the October 26, 2014, issue of The Observer Magazine.



Art Streiber_Michael Keaton 4


publication: Entertainment Weekly
design director: Tim Leong
photo editor: Aeriel Brown
photo director: Lisa Berman

Description: A portrait of actor Michael Keaton, photographed for the cover of the October 17, 2014, issue of Entertainment Weekly.



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