Congratulations to Best Magazine Cover nominees Melanie Acevedo, Jeff Lipsky, Miller Mobley, Nino Muñoz, and Art Streiber

ASME, the American Society of Magazine Editors, recently announced the nominees for its annual Best Cover Contest. We’re thrilled to report that five of our photographers are among the creatives whose work was selected:

• Two Parents covers by Melanie Acevedo—a back-to-school series of fashion portraits and a portrait for a feature on raising confident girls—were chosen in the Best Women’s Lifestyle category.

• A Southern Living cover by Miller Mobley, featuring actress Jennifer Garner, also was picked in this category.

• In the Best Celebrity & Entertainment Covers category, the nominees include Jeff Lipsky‘s cover portrait of Mad Men stars Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss; Miller’s photos of musician Jack White for Billboard, director Ron Howard and actor Chris Hemsworth for Parade, and actress/director Elizabeth Banks for The Hollywood Reporter; Nino Muñoz‘s portrait for the cover of Essence‘s feature on Shonda Rhimes’ hit shows, Scott Foley of Scandal for Live Happy, and Neil Patrick Harris for Parade; and Art Streiber‘s portrait of actress/writer Rashida Jones for Wired.

• Two covers shot by Jeff Lipsky were chosen in the Best Sports & Fitness Covers category: Julianne Hough and Britney Spears, both for Women’s Health.

• And Art’s portrait of NFL star Marshawn Lynch for ESPN The Magazine was named in the Best Business & Technology category.

Congratulations, everyone! View the complete list of nominees here.


mag covers

First row: Melanie Acevedo (both Parents covers), Miller Mobley, and Nino Muñoz. Second row: Jeff Lipsky (Live Happy and Women’s Health), Miller Mobley, and Nino Muñoz. Third row: Art Streiber, Miller Mobley (The Hollywood Reporter and Parade), and Jeff Lipsky. Fourth row: Art Streiber and Jeff Lipsky.

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