7 Emerging Blockchain Technology Trends to Follow in 2022

Latest News 7 Emerging Blockchain Technology Trends to Follow in 2022

A lot has changed in the blockchain and crypto world in the past few years. Here are 7 Emerging Blockchain Technology Trends to Follow in 2022. So, scroll down.

Do you desire to know more about Blockchain? Blockchain technology can transform the world even more than the internet did. Our technologies are dependent on data, and Blockchain offers a layer of trust in exchanging information. 

The emerging trends in Blockchain will impact several market segments and transform many business models. On a broad level, there are 7 Emerging Blockchain Technology Trends to Follow in 2022 that will see major areas of growth and transformation over the next five years.

  1. Governments will use blockchain applications – Governments worldwide are taking advantage of this tech to improve the quality of their services. There’s already plenty of evidence that Blockchain can increase transparency and reduce fraud in government institutions.
  2. Blockchain will enhance retail – The retail industry is likely to move from adopting Blockchain for payments to adopting it for other business applications such as supply chain management, product safety and improving customer experience. Keep exploring the 7 Emerging Blockchain Technology Trends to Follow in 2022.
  3. Banks and financial organizations will embrace Blockchain – The banking and financial sector is among the most conservative industries adopting new technologies. But since banks are aware of the potential benefits of Blockchain, they have been actively exploring its implementation within their systems.
  4. New forms of governance – Currently, many blockchain use cases involve voting decision-making, such as Uniswap’s recent governance vote on whether or not to list YAM tokens on its platform for trading purposes. However, this trend is expected to expand further into corporate governance and government policymaking via applications like Chainlink and Cosmos’ IBC protocol.
  5. The crypto space will utilize stable coins – Cryptocurrencies are very volatile. While discussing 7 Emerging Blockchain Technology Trends to Follow in 2022, we found their price fluctuates every few seconds, making them unreliable as a medium of exchange. However, with stable coins, this problem can be resolved. 
  6. Social media will depend on Blockchain – Blockchain technology can help create a robust infrastructure for social media platforms which will be highly secure and transparent. The decentralized nature of Blockchain ensures that no one controls the information that is posted by users on these platforms, thus preventing censorship or manipulation of data.
  7. Streaming will be safer with Blockchain – Blockchain can help make streaming more secure by creating digital fingerprints for videos that can be tracked on a decentralized ledger.

Why Need 7 Emerging Blockchain Technology Trends to Follow in 2022?

Blockchain technology has evolved quite drastically in the past few years, and it is now being considered a solution to a lot of problems. Blockchain technology is shifting how we do business, from banking to cybersecurity, accounting, and even healthcare.

Activities and businesses across various industries are expected to adopt decentralization technology for more transparency, security, and scalability.


Blockchain technology has seen tremendous growth year after year, and it continues to be an amazing space to watch development. Blockchain technology has been utilized to create new business models disrupting traditional business models. In the interest of insight and foresight, 7 Emerging Blockchain Technology Trends to Follow in 2022 will continue over the next five years.

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