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About General Information Bitcoin Write for Us

Please scroll down to the below article on Bitcoin Write for Us and learn the essential facts on writing about Bitcoin.

Are you a writing expert? Are you someone who has enough knowledge of cryptocurrency? Are you interested in sharing your knowledge on a platform where many can learn about this subject? Then you will love this article as we are providing you with a writing opportunity.

In this article, we will discuss the procedure of writing. We will write about instructions that you must follow while writing. But before going to the technicalities of the writing of Bitcoin Write for Us, we should discuss our portal.

Know about Our Portal:

This is a website that offers reviews on products and websites. Our portal keeps us updated with the actual events occurring regularly. It also offers news from the technological and entertainment sector and all the latest news related to cryptocurrency. 

Our portal aims to raise awareness among people about scam websites so that people will not get into inconvenience while believing portals on the internet. In our content, we give the details of the registration date, expiry date, social media links, trust score, trust index, etc., so that everyone can know the fundamental facts of the concerned site.

Benefits of Write For Us Bitcoin Blog Guest Post

  • The first benefit is that one can have a readymade platform that is already popular among the readers, four your content. If your write-up carries quality information, your write-up get
  • You can make people aware of the latest investment policy of Bitcoin, and in this way, one can make up their mind about investment in this.
  • If you know SEO, you can experience massive traffic for your content. Your content can earn a good rank in SERP.
  • A relationship can build between the content creators and the readers if your writing regularly publishes on our portal.

Guidelines Of Write For Us + “Bitcoin Blog”

  • 100% authenticity is required if you write for our portal, which means we want a 0 score in the plagiarism checker.
  • Links that you include in your content should not exceed a 3 % spam score. You must attach an external link and make it green and bold in your content.
  • Any silly errors, either grammatical or technical, will not be accepted. Therefore must confirm your Grammarly score of 99 before submission of the content.
  • Your content must fulfill the criteria of words limit as minimum is 500 & maximum is 1000.
  • A good heading and subheadings should be given in your Write For Us + Bitcoin Blog write-up.

Suggested Topics

  • Bitcoin’s origin
  • Bitcoin and its future possibilities 
  • Bitcoin: Policy of investment

How To Find Us?

Those who want to send your writing sample for applying for this opportunity can mail us at braydenwilson763@gmail.comYou can also mail us at the same address if you have anything to ask about writing. We will try to help you without delay within 24 hours.


We will tell our readers to take this opportunity as it has many benefits. Those who can deliver quality content can undoubtedly approach us. One thing they must remember is to follow the provided instructions while writing Bitcoin Blog “Write For Us” guest posts.

We can assure you that you will have a great experience working with us for sharing skills and information on Bitcoins. 



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