Lauren Greenfield documents the movers and shakers of LA’s tech boom for The California Sunday Magazine. Plus: Read her essay on growing up in Venice Beach

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“In the last two years, Silicon Beach—as people call the startup scene in Venice and Santa Monica—has evolved from a trumped-up trend story to a very real phenomenon,” writes Nellie Bowles in the new issue of The California Sunday Magazine. Her story, titled “The SoCal Network,” features photos by Lauren Greenfield, who documented “the coders, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, designers, and scientists (and, yes, one actress) behind L.A.’s tech boom.”

Lauren photographed inside the companies’ offices and shot documentary-style portraits, ultimately producing images of the Honest Company, Google Los Angeles, Science Media LLC, JibJab, Zefr, Whisper, and the Rubicon Project, as well as of Kara Nortman, partner at Upfront Ventures and co-founder of children’s product company Seedling; J.R. Johnson, founder and CEO of Trippy; Brett Crosby, co-founder and COO of PeerStreet; Science Media LLC CBO Peter Pham, vice president of finance Robert Carter, CFO Tom Dare, CLO Greg Gilman, and CEO Mike Jones; Plus Capital founder and managing partner Adam Lilling; Zefr head of marketing Dave Rosner and cofounder Zach James; Lowercase Capital managing director Matt Mazzeo; Honest Company founders Christopher Gavigan, Jessica Alba, Brian Lee, and Sean Kane; video journalist and food enthusiast Katie Quinn; the Rubicon Project’s Eduardo Ramos, Benjamin Raifman, Greg Raifman, Joe Prusz, and Frank Addante; and Whisper CEO Michael Heyward.

Lauren also wrote an essay describing her own observations of how Venice Beach has changed since she moved there with her family in 1974. She recalls that in her childhood, the area was gritty and sometimes unsafe, but “…the neighborhood also brimmed with art and artists, with idealism and social engagement, with diversity both of income and race, and with the palpable excitement of the counterculture. The adults of my parents’ generation were drawn to Venice for an alternative lifestyle, and for the sense of freedom long promised by the West. It was a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood with fresh air in a city where most lived in smoggy and isolated suburbs connected by highways. My dad used to say it was the only place the poor could live at the beach.”

She goes on to note that “…the innovators at the companies I photographed have some of the same rebellious, risk-taking spirit that has defined Venice since Abbot Kinney decided to dig canals.”

Read “The SoCal Network,” and Lauren’s essay, here:

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles magazine takes readers inside Jim Fiscus’ historic home in Athens, Georgia

You don’t necessarily have to live in a big city to be a successful advertising and entertainment photographer. The hip, laid-back town of Athens, Georgia—birthplace of influential bands like R.E.M., the B-52s, and Widespread Panic—has been Jim Fiscus‘ home for years, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“We made a lifestyle choice to be here,” Jim tells Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles magazine, which recently published a feature on the Plantation Plain–style house he shares with his wife, Kimberly, and children. Tami Ramsay of design firm Cloth & Kind helped the couple transform their historic home into a bright, contemporary space where all would feel welcome.

“We wanted open space where kids could run around,” says Jim. “This is a place I can return to from photo shoots to raise my family and live somewhere that’s beautiful.”

Click here to see the photos and read more.


Jim Fiscus_Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles

Click to view the photos.


Annabel Mehran shoots social media campaign for sparkling wine brand Segura Viudas

The Segura Viudas brand of cava chose Annabel Mehran to shoot a fun, fashion-y, lifestyle-centric social-media campaign that it recently launched. The images, including the one below, are being used on Facebook and Instagram. Cheers!


Annabel Mehran_cava

Photo by Annabel Mehran.

“American Masters: The Women’s List,” a new portrait series and documentary by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, features 15 trailblazers

In American Masters: The Women’s List, premiering September 25 on PBS, 15 women who are leaders in their respective fields talk about the challenges they faced as they worked to ascend in our male-dominated world.

The hourlong documentary was directed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, who also shot a series of portraits of the women. The list includes U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, designer Betsey Johnson, actresses Edie Falco and Rosie Perez, author Toni Morrison, and musician Laurie Anderson.

“As a lifelong feminist, I’m proud to have made The Women’s List and excited to have another one of my films join the American Masters library,” says Timothy.

People magazine is offering a preview of the documentary. And visit to learn more about The Women’s List.


Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.29.20 AM

Click to learn more about “The Women’s List.”


Michael Muller photographs gorgeous key art for season two of El Rey network’s “From Dusk Till Dawn”


Zane Holtz and Eiza González. Photo by Michael Muller for El Rey.


Jessie Garcia and Danny Trejo. Photo by Michael Muller for El Rey.


D.J. Cotrona and Madison Davenport. Photo by Michael Muller for El Rey.

Liz Von Hoene shoots Credit Suisse campaign on location in Switzerland

Liz Von Hoene_Credit Suisse 1

Photo by Liz Von Hoene for Credit Suisse.

Liz Von Hoene_Credit Suisse 5

Photo by Liz Von Hoene for Credit Suisse.

Liz Von Hoene_Credit Suisse 3 copy

Photo by Liz Von Hoene for Credit Suisse.

Liz Von Hoene_Credit Suisse 2

Photo by Liz Von Hoene for Credit Suisse.


Art Streiber photographs “The New Faces of ‘Fargo'”

Art Streiber_Fargo-1

The new cast of “Fargo” (from left): Jean Smart as Floyd Gerhart, Patrick Wilson as Lou Solverson, Ted Danson as Hank Larsson, Jesse Plemmons and Kirsten Dunst as Ed and Peggy Blumquist. Photo by Art Streiber. Published in the July 24, 2015, issue of Entertainment Weekly.

Art Streiber_Fargo 2

Plemmons and Dunst. Photo by Art Streiber.

Melanie Acevedo photographs stylish back-to-school looks for Parents’ September cover story

Melanie Acevedo_Parents cover

Photos by Melanie Acevedo for Parents, September 2015 issue.

Melanie Acevedo_Parents 1

Photo by Melanie Acevedo for Parents.

Melanie Acevedo_Parents 2

Photos by Melanie Acevedo for Parents.

Melanie Acevedo_Parents 2b

Photo by Melanie Acevedo for Parents.

Melanie Acevedo_Parents 3

Photos by Melanie Acevedo for Parents.

Melanie Acevedo_Parents 4

Photos by Melanie Acevedo for Parents.

Melanie Acevedo_Parents 5

Photo by Melanie Acevedo for Parents.

Melanie Acevedo_Parents 6

Photos by Melanie Acevedo for Parents.


Liz Von Hoene shoots season-three key art for Showtime’s Emmy-winning series “Masters of Sex”

Liz Von Hoene_Masters of Sex key art

Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan, stars of “Masters of Sex.” Photo by Liz Von Hoene for Showtime.


“Meru” opens in theaters nationwide today. Plus: National Geographic on “Why Jimmy Chin Takes Pictures While Climbing and Skiing Mountains”

Jimmy Chin‘s award-winning documentary, Meru, opens in theaters nationwide today. In the film, Jimmy and two fellow pro climbers battle their complicated pasts, inner demons, and nature’s harshest elements in an attempt to confront the Shark’s Fin on Mount Meru, the most technically complicated and dangerous peak in the Himalayas, one that has never been scaled to completion. Check this list of theaters to see where Meru is playing near you.

Jimmy will be doing Q&As at select showings throughout the country. Next Wednesday, August 19, he’ll be at the Angelika Film Center for the 7:20 p.m. screening and will be taking questions from the audience after the show. Stop by if you can; the Q&A is included in the price of your ticket. Order online here.





The film, which Jimmy codirected with his wife, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, has been getting lots of great press. Jimmy, Elizabeth, and Into Thin Air author Jon Krakauer were featured on AOL’s Periscope. Men’s Journal gave viewers a glimpse of Jimmy and his fellow climbers’ campsite at 20,000 feet. The New York Times published a piece by Elizabeth on the making of the film. The New Yorker, which recently published a fun item on Jimmy and Elizabeth in its “Talk of the Town” section, invited Jimmy to take over its photo department’s Instagram feed for a week.

And National Geographic published a piece on “Why Jimmy Chin Takes Pictures While Climbing and Skiing Mountains,” which looks at “how a kid from Minnesota found Taoism, skied Everest, and made the year’s breakout adventure documentary.” Read it here.




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