Jim Fiscus takes readers behind the scenes of his “Penny Dreadful” key art and publicity images

AtEdge recently interviewed Jim Fiscus about his work for the Showtime series Penny Dreadful—Jim shot key art and publicity for the dark psychological thriller. The campaign was plastered all over New York City ahead of the show’s debut last month, including all throughout Grand Central Terminal. Jim has shot key art for a wide range […]

Jim Fiscus’ portrait of “Downton Abbey” actor Jim Carter selected for Communication Arts’ 2014 photo annual

Jim Fiscus‘ portrait of Jim Carter—in character as Mr. Carson the butler on the PBS smash period drama Downton Abbey—will be published in Communication Arts‘ 2014 photography annual. Congratulations, Jim! Below, the winning portrait, plus a few of Jim’s Downton Abbey publicity portraits from a previous season… . . .

Jim Fiscus shoots key art for Showtime’s new series “Penny Dreadful”

. Jim Fiscus shot the key art for Penny Dreadful, a new Showtime series created by Oscar-nominated screenwriter John Logan and co-executive produced by Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes, who previously collaborated on the James Bond blockbuster Skyfall. From the official description of the series, which premieres May 11:  “Some of literature’s most terrifying characters, including […]

Tinytpe portrait by Jim Fiscus featured on the cover of the new AtEdge book

Be sure to pick up a copy of AtEdge‘s new sourcebook, which features a cover image—specifically, a tintype portrait—by Jim Fiscus. Read about how Jim created the image, and see a few more of his tintypes, here. . . .

The 20 most popular photos on Stockland Martel’s tumblr

Our tumblr, which features new and archival images by our photographers, is about a year old now, so it’s a good time to take a look at which photos have best connected with our audience there. Each of the images below has so far garnered at least 75 notes, with the most popular photo set […]

Presenting SMart Book 2014, our latest photo annual showcasing the work of the entire Stockland Martel roster

SMart Book 2014, our new photo annual, is hot off the presses and was recently shipped to our clients and colleagues in the creative industry. Designed by Design: MW and printed by GZD in Germany, it showcases images—and new self-portraits—by the entire Stockland Martel roster. We’re very proud of the book and even more proud […]

Jim Fiscus shoots key art for Showtime’s “Episodes” for the third year in a row

. In Showtime’s Episodes, an English writer couple come to the States to make an American version of their hit TV show, only to have their worst fears come true: The studio insists on casting a Hollywood cliche—a cocky, clueless actor—as the lead. In a clever bit of casting, the lead is played by Matt […]

Authentic tintype portraits by Jim Fiscus

Jim Fiscus is known for his advertising imagery, assignments that leave him little time for personal projects. So when he does find time to pursue a personal photo series, he wants to make it count. The latest example: tintypes, a kind of photograph that is “made by creating a direct positive on a sheet of […]

Jim Fiscus on photographing star-studded British TV campaign promoting the highly anticipated fall season

ITV’s programming features some of British television’s most beloved actors, and those stars are at the center of the network’s major ad push to promote the fall season. Jim Fiscus shot the print component of the campaign, working on location in a suitably evocative room in a rambling English house built in the 1700s. . […]

Stockland Martel: We are entertainment

Presenting the stars and shows of the fall TV season as photographed by Kwaku Alston, Matthias Clamer, Jim Fiscus, Nadav Kander, Jeff Lipsky, Michael Muller, Nino Muñoz, and Art Streiber… . . .


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