Boyfriend Heche Anne {August 2022} Read Her Life Update!

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This article will provide details about Boyfriend Heche Anne and her complicated relationships.

Have you heard about Anne Heche? Is she married? Who has she been seeing? People in the United States are eager to know about the marital status of Anne Heche.

This article will provide you with information about Boyfriend Heche Anne.

Who is Anne Heche’s boyfriend?

Recently Anne Heche, an American actress, has been dating a skincare specialist, Peter Thomas Roth, as they were spotted together in Hamptons and had standard connections. From an insider report, they both have been dating for months and returned to New York city for fashion week. But before that, they were spotted attending the Galerie Magazine event of the Galerie house of art and design launch. Recently, on August 5, Anne was involved in a car accident that severely injured her and left her with multiple burns; her boyfriend is supporting her during this difficult time. 

Anne Heche Married to Harrison Ford

No, she is not married to Harrison Ford, as they were both casts in a comedy-action movie, Six Days Seven Nights (1998) together. As the best colleague, He helped her publicly after she declared her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres. Also, she called Ford a hero. She stated that if Ford had not supported her, she would not have gotten the film. Also, she said that ford is the best man to be with her. Ford stated that he wouldn’t mind with whom Anne Heche is dating, but they both will perform best romantic comedy together.

Why are people looking for Boyfriend Heche Anne?

She was recently involved in a tragic car accident, and her boyfriend is caring for her during this tough period, which is getting attention. However, she was married to Coleman Laffoon, a cameraman who later applied for divorce after five and half years of their relationship. Anne Heche has two children from her previous husband, Tupper and Laffoon. They got divorced in 2018. Recently she is dating famous skincare specialist Peter Thomas Roth.

Thomas Roth and Anne Heche had been spotted together for many years. However, Thomas Roth was married and had children. He also applied for divorce in 2016. After his breakup, he is seen with Brooke Mueller. People are still looking for her Boyfriend Heche Anne to know about her personal life. The relationship between Thomas Roth and Anne Heche grabbed public attention these years. 


Summing up the post, Anne Heche has been dating Peter Thomas Roth for many years but has not revealed their relationship of togetherness. The famous American actress and director is a mother of two children. Her relationship status makes people anxious to know more about her past and present. She considers Harrison Ford her hero as she support her as a good human being. If you want to know more, please click the given link below: 

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