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In this post-Tyler Schmidt Obituary, we have provided the details regarding the incident with the Schmidt family.

Do you know that a 9-year-old boy managed to flee the assault that massacred his family at the Iowa state park? As per the governor of Cedar Falls, the Maquoketa Caves State Park Campsite in Iowa, United States, was the scene of an attack on Friday that left three members of the youngster’s family dead. However, the boy, who is nine years old, managed to flee.

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Obituary of the Schmidt family

According to the Iowa Bureau of Criminal Investigation, three members of a Cedar Falls family were identified dead inside a camper. They have been verified as 6-year-old Lula Schmidt, Sarah Schmidt, 42, and Tyler Schmidt, 42. CBI identifies the accused person as Anthony Sherwin, 23, of La Vista, Nebraska. Investigators discovered Sherwin, apparently having shot himself with a bullet wound. He has discovered nearby the park to the west. According to Cedar Falls Mayor Rob Green, Arlo, the nine-year-old son of Tyler Schmidt Cedar Falls Iowa, managed to flee the assault.

As per the report of Mitch Mortvedt, deputy director of the crime department, the purpose of the attack is still unknown. Mitch Mortvedt stated, “The investigation has not uncovered any early engagement between the Schmidt family and Anthony Sherwin. Therefore, we don’t know what caused this or precipitated it.” To be noted that the exact date and timing of this Obituary have not been revealed yet.

Authorities’ investigation report

As per the report, the brother of Sarah Schmidt, Adam Morehouse, stated there was no family link to Sherwin and that the occurrence was a “totally random deed.” As per Tyler Schmidt Obituary, Mayor Rob Green, a neighbour of the Schmidts, wrote in his social post that the Schmidts’ 9-year-old son, Arlo, “survived the attack and is safe,” Mayor Green stated to the CBI that he didn’t know if Arlo was in the camper or at the campground when the gunshots took place.

According to Morehouse, Arlo was on the family’s camping trip, but he was unaware of the boy’s exact location or the circumstances surrounding the assault. Morehouse said, “l haven’t interacted with him. He was with family, and he is OK; he was unharmed physically as much as I know.”

Tyler Schmidt Cedar Falls Iowa

A GoFundMe campaign set up for Arlo had received over $75,000 by Saturday night. According to the page, Arlo will receive assistance now and funding for his education in the future, which was made by his cousin named Beth Shapiro. The page says, “Arlo is a strong youngster, and his family and friends are assisting him as well as we can.”


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