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The practice of Candace Wheeler Georgia Counselor is about spiritual healing with psychological stuff. Read here to know details.

Do you know, Candace? Candace Wheeler, LPC who is a practicing psychologist in Georgia has been in the news for a few weeks. There have been some queries regarding her and her sense of work. What she does as a counselor is very much sought by the audience and hence, this article.

This article is giving a complete and holistic view of the segments regarding the practice of Candace Wheeler Georgia Counselor based in the United States. The article would detail all the information available on the subject.

About the Counseling Practice of Candace Wheeler

Our intention in this article, as mentioned above, is to give a complete view regarding the work of Candace Wheeler. Candace is a counselor based in Dawsonville, GA. Wheeler is practicing as a psychologist and has patients primarily from the area. She also has a global presence through technology variants like Zoom where she connects on video conferencing modes. The reviews of her practice are, however, not very good and encouraging.

The Candace Wheeler Georgia Counselor is currently practicing in Creative Play Solutions LLC. According to her own website, she is an “advocate of human spirit” who has the power to guide people. Though it looks very much deluded, what is more discouraging is the reviews which are given by various people.

There are very low ratings for her on various platforms but still no comment could be made and it could be beneficial for many people. She claims on her website that she connects over phone, Skype, Zoom, with audio only. She organizes many sessions all over the world.

What Exactly Does Candace Wheeler Georgia Counselor Practice?

When asked from many users on various websites about whether she is comfortable with children, the majority answered in negative. In working with seniors as well, the majority answer is no. She basically treats depression, manifestly, and is practicing with clients all over the US. She claims that she accepts people exactly as they are with no expectations and judgments.

The website also mentions that with an open heart, there is no wound which couldn’t be healed.  There is a session named ‘The Discovery Session’ where people can connect on phone with Candace Wheeler Georgia Counselor and seek advice on a variety of issues. The duration of the session is around 45-60 minutes and she will tell you her modus operandi, among other things pertaining to the peculiarity of the case. Spiritual psychology is something that she uses to “heal” people.


Candace Wheeler doesn’t have many good reviews on Google but this doesn’t mean that she is not practicing authentically. The psychologist basically practices in the US but takes sessions from people all around the globe. If you want to register for any such session of Candace Wheeler Georgia Counselor, you can go to her website and register there or contact over the phone number provided therein. To know more, see Candace L. Wheeler, MS, LPC | Professional Counselor

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  1. Is this the same Candy Montgomery that is portrayed in the Hulu series? If so, I am SHOCKED to see she is allowed to practice. I would be horrified to use her as a counselor.

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