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This article discusses the viral  Fossils Last Stand Pa incident and mentions relevant details.

Have you seen the viral video extensively shared by users on social media platforms concerning a recent event at the Fossils Last Stand establishment? The incident has become trendy and has gained a lot of views. The viral video is somewhat controversial as it shares some very unpleasant and demeaning remarks made by a person in the video. The Fossils Last Stand Pa query is getting some attention as users are keen to know more about this incident. 

Users in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom are quite keen on knowing more about this incident and obtaining relevant details.

The Fossils Last Stand incident.

  • A cab driver, James Bode, was scheduled to pick up a ride from the Fossils Last Stand establishment in Pennsylvania.
  • When he picked up his ride, the occupants hurled racist remarks at him about his ethnicity.
  • He found those remarks very unpleasant and asked the occupants to vacate his cab.
  • After doing this, he was threatened with a punch by the man in the taxi. 
  • Jackie Harford Fossils Last Stand is gaining traction because of the recent incident outside this establishment where a woman hurled racist comments at a cab driver.

Details about Fossils Last Stand

  • Fossils Last Stand is a restaurant in Pennsylvania in the US.
  • It serves all kinds of dishes, including appetizers, lunch, dinners, breakfast, etc.
  • Customers can find a wide variety of dining options available at this establishment.
  • The earlier remarks and reviews of this establishment are also positive.
  • Recently, users have posted overwhelmingly negative reviews of this establishment because of this recent incident. 

Jackie Harford Fossils Last Stand

  • This query has become trendy as the taxi occupants were a man and a woman.
  • The woman who hurled the racist remarks at the driver was “Jackie Harford,” who owns the Fossils Last Stand.
  • The entire incident was caught in James Bode’s dashcam, and the entire footage is going viral on social media platforms.  
  • After this video went viral, users bombarded the pages of this restaurant with negative comments on all major platforms. 
  • This viral incident has resulted in immense backlash for Jackie Harford and her restaurant.
  • The Fossils Last Stand Pa query has destroyed her reputation and her restaurant’s image.
  • Sources reveal that she has shut down her social media page and the restaurant’s website and is currently unavailable for any comment.
  • James Bode has also expressed his thankfulness for the support on social media platforms.

Final Thoughts

A woman hurled some racist remarks at a cab driver. The cab driver shared this video on social media, and the woman turned out to be the owner of Fossils Last Stand in Pennsylvania. All other details about this viral incident are available above. Have you watched the footage of this incident yet? Read more about its events here. Kindly share your thoughts on Fossils Last Stand Pa in the comments below. 

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