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Hello, readers; today, we are going to discuss Donald Clines, a well-known fertility Doctor. Dear readers, have you got the answer to the question ‘Did Donald Clines Wife Divorce Him? This question is a hot topic on the Internet due to ‘Our father’, a Netflix documentary connected to the life history of Donald Clines and his children by artificially inseminated method. 

The clinic of Dr. Clines was in the United States, where he impregnated approximately 50 women with his own reproductive material without their consent. 

Brief About Doctor Clines –

He was one of the best fertility doctors in the state of Indianapolis. In 2016, he was charged with obstruction of Justice, which is considered a light punishment by his children. Let’s know more. 

Did Donald Clines Wife Leave Him?

Susie, the wife of Dr. Clines, who was disappointed by the acts of Dr. Clines, Susie also received fertility treatment from Dr. Clines. However, there is no clear information available from authentic sources about his divorce and marriage. But, it has been mentioned in the documentary that they had two children together; Doona and Doug. 

The divorce thing started when Jacoba Ballard revealed everything about Dr. Clines. And it is claimed by the documentary reports that Dr. Clines met her again to tell her that people are discussing now that ‘Did Donald Clines Wife Divorce Him’? Your actions are destroying my marriage said Dr. Clines to Jacoba. 

The report claims that Dr. Clines has 94 children as of now by donating his reproductive material without taking the consent of the female. The matter was brought to the light by Jacoba who was in search of her father. She found many siblings who were born in the same way as she was. 

After Jacoba’s efforts to impregnate women this way has been included in the list of serious crimes. This was not considered as physical assault because Dr. clines didn’t touch women, and there was no reproductive material bank at that time. The question ‘Did Donald Clines Wife Divorce Him?came to the light when he had a meeting with Jacoba and said clearly that his wife thinks his actions come under the grown-up’s definitions. 


Q.1 Who is referred to as sibling three?

A.1 Lisa shepherd is referred to as sibling three because she has been identified as the 33th child of Dr. clines. 

Q2 Who is the director of ‘Our Father’?

A.2 Lucie Jourdan is the director of the Netflix series ‘Our Father’. 

The Final Verdict – 

The Netflix Documentary discusses the story of consent and talks about Cline’s wife’s reaction to his reproductive material donation. For more information, please click on the link on Did Donald Clines Wife Divorce Him.   

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