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Education is not limited to offline sources only. Due to the increasing literacy rate in the countries, the focus has shifted mainly to education, and learning has become a priority. There are many courses available online, like health with an agent. Do you know about health with an agent? Do you know about the latest deadlines for the course? Have you wondered what the content of the course is? Do you know this news is widely circulating in Brazil? If you want to know the same, just read this article till the end about Conasems Saude com Agente.

Conasems Saude com agente- beginning of module 1

Saude com agente is a Portuguese word for health with agent in english. On their official account on Facebook, they have updated about the beginning of technical courses of Saude com agente. From today their course is starting with module 1. It is a course of health with the agent having discipline. In this latest discipline course, students will learn about many things like guidelines on SUS principles, model health care, health policies, contextualization in Brazil, etc.

You can access their course Conasems Ava Saúde Com Agente through, a Brazilian website. Within the given period, students can do the activity as often as they want to maintain good grades or the desirable grade. These discipline activities have no fixed amount of time and can be carried out as per the individual wish, but the timeline is fixed.

If any problem arises during the course or before that, then students can go through Students can also check out their Facebook account for the latest updates. The deadline for carrying out the discipline activities in the course is 26 September, which is not so far.

Conasems Saude com Agente– what is it?

It is a portal that provides knowledge through distance learning and digital content. They aim to provide a well-structured education to workers, technicians, etc. in health care. They have transformed many health units that are around 40 into classrooms. Their special education provides training through distance learning and gives out their voice to the municipality. They provide flexibility in schedule, and anyone can access them from anywhere with the help of any device.

Health with the agent regularly asks the students about the problem faced by them during any stage of the course. Ava Conasems Saude Com Agente has posted recently asking students about the beginning of the activities in theoretical form. If any of the students face difficulty, they can contact their tutor with the help of AVA, which is a virtual learning environment.


Health with an agent has updated the last date for the discipline activities, 26 September, and announced a new course starting today. They have updated everything on their social media account. Read this article till the end to learn about Conasems Saude com Agente. For more information about the latest update on deadlines and courses, visit this link.

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