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In this post about Corey Kelly Missing, we informed our readers about the mystery of Corey Kelly and how he went missing.

Did you hear about the Corey Kelly mystery? It was in 2017 when the last time Corey Kelly’s grandmother saw him. since then, no one has heard from Corey Kelly, he got missing from Windsor Hill Boulevard, and police traced his phone to Florida, United States. He was only 19 when he disappeared; since then, his family has been waiting for him to return. The police have not found any clue regarding Corey yet.

This post will give you insights into this mystery that is currently under investigation. So, keep reading this post on Corey Kelly Missing for more information 

Cold Case Of Corey Kelly: 

Corey Kelly, who was 19year old when his family last saw him alive, the 19-year-old was at his sister’s house, and late at night, he went out. Since then, no one has seen him. the detectives and officials have never found any clue regarding his sudden disappearance, and they believe Corey didn’t run, but some severe thing happened to him. 

Surprising right? Further, we will tell our readers what Kelly’s family and the officials have to say about his sudden disappearance. So, keep on reading this post.

 Corey Kelly Missing

After so many years of Kelly’s mysteries, his family still believes he will come back one day. Kelly’s grandmother still has not changed his room, and she’s hoping one day Kelly will return and will walk through the doors. But now, after years of indescribable pain, Barbara Kelly’s grandmother is coming to painful terms; he might not return again. 

The officials reported Corey missing from Windsor hill boulevard, and his disappearance still haunts the detectives; they have labelled this case as an unsolved mystery. 

DNA for investigation: 

In this mystery of Corey Kelly Missingthe police are planning to use Kelly’s mom’s, sister’s, or his daughter’s DNA, but they are waiting for some substantial lead that will give the officials little hint. Although the family traced Kelly’s phone to Florida, this information didn’t impact the investigation.  

Corey went missing ten days after his daughter Zey’a was born. Though she didn’t remember her dad’s hug, her DNA might help officials to find a strong lead in the Corey Kelly Case. Moreover, Barbara Kelly’s grandmother wants to know whether his grandson is alive or dead. Currently, Corey Kelly Missing case has been in cold storage as police have not been able to find any significant lead that will help them solve this mystery. 


So, in this post, we informed our readers about the cold case of Corey Kelly, who went missing from his sister’s house in the year 2017, and since then, he has not returned home. Police also couldn’t find any strong lead for solving this case.

if you’re interested to know more information about Corey Kelly’s case, the readers can check out this link

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