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This article on Manko Paris Reviews will provide information about the incident in the Manko Paris restaurant.

Have you ever been to a Manko Paris restaurant in Paris? Or Did you encounter any bad experience there? The news about the same is getting viral worldwide, including in Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, etc. 

In a viral TikTok video, it has been clearly shown that the security guard of the famous Manko Paris isn’t allowing black people to enter the premises.

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What happened at the Manko Paris?

As we all know, Paris is among the most romantic and beautiful places in the world. Millions of people from every corner of the globe dream of visiting the city for once in their lifetime. However, sometimes tourists face difficulties while enjoying their precious time. Similarly, Manko Paris restaurant faces hate through bad reviews on the internet after they refused an African lady to enter the restaurant on 16th July.

The incident happened on when an African lady Tiguiidiallo posted a video where they were not allowed to enter the restaurant.

Is Restaurant Manko Raciste?

Manko Paris is famous for its beautiful interior vibes and delicious food. The restaurant was established by the Moma group and is located at 15 Avenue Montaigne. If you look at the customer reviews, you will notice a few comments about a similar incident that happened with other people also.

The video clearly shows that the security guard was making pointless excuses to every black person, but they were not stopping white people from entering the premises. The fancy restaurant that serves Peruvian foods apologized for the incident on their social media on Facebook and Instagram.

Public reaction to Manko Paris Racism

As per reports, they weren’t stopping white people from entering the hotel while making nonsense excuses to black people like they weren’t dressed well. The one among the three ladies posted the video on their TikTok account and said that this was their first experience of racism in Paris.

Many people expressed their emotions and hatred by posting tweets and reviews about the hotel on the internet. One user said, “the restaurant has a dress code of white skin,” another said, “They didn’t allow them to enter even after they had reservations just because of their dark skin colour.” After the Manko Paris Incident complaint was registered, the restaurant released an apology to the young people and said they would take necessary actions.

Final Verdict

In Summary, We have provided information about the recent incident in the famous Manko Paris restaurant in Paris, where three young African women were not allowed to enter the premises even after booking a reservation. Many people wrote their similar experiences with the restaurant and opinions through reviews.

Check out this website to learn more about the Manko Paris Incident of Discrimination.

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